It's Time To Talk Waterworks

Discussing bladder issues may feel embarrassing but despite this they are common. 13% of women experience urinary leakage at some point in their lives and urinary tract infections may occur in 50% of women. The increase in bladder issues in menopause may partly be due to changing oestrogen levels and as levels decline, tissues in the urinary tract and vagina wall may become thinner...

How To Get Started With Health And Fitness

Are you looking to start your health and fitness journey? Starting can be the hardest part. Whether you are looking to gain muscle, lose weight or feel healthier there are some fundamental elements you should consider.

Why Fad Diets Don't Work...

Whether it’s low-carb, paleo or the 5:2 diet we briefly discuss some of the problems with fad diets. Many of us have fallen victim to the appeal of a new fad diet. They promise weight-loss, big results and rarely deliver. This is often because they are too strict, require you to give up too much or do not have enough variety.

Plant-Based Essential Fatty Acids For Sports Endurance And Performance

Boost your nutrition and up your fitness game using plant based essential fatty acids

The Big Debate. Fat Vs Sugar

Dietary fat has long been labeled as the cause of weight gain; our supermarket shelves groan with low-fat products. But while a diet high in saturated fat certainly spells bad news for your heart and cardiovascular and should be avoided, it isn’t the main culprit when it comes to gaining extra pounds. You guessed it – sugar is the villain.


How Fit Are You Really?

At 31, I felt old. Not in the ‘I wish I was 20 again’ or ‘life’s passing me by’ type of way; quite the contrary. But within my fitness levels, or more accurately lack of them. I would make an ‘ooooff!’ noise while getting up off the sofa, or be out of breath after a last-minute dash for the train. To put this in perspective, I am a size 8 and eat a very healthy diet. But recently when I forced myself to think about exactly how much exercise I do, the answer was a big, fat zero. I run my business from my office at home, so I don’t even walk to and from work. Tragic.