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Try These 8 Snacks for Natural, Sustained Energy All Day

People indulge in snacking for many reasons. Some turn to snacks to fuel them through stressful afternoons, while others reach for a bite to curb sudden hunger pangs between meals. Regardless of motivation, eating healthy foods is essential for better health.

Raw Food: What Is It?

What is Raw Food? Technically speaking, it's food that has not been heated above 48 degrees centigrade, by default this will mean foods that are safe to eat raw, which are the obvious foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds but there are so many more delicious foods...

Benefits Of Dehydrating By Tanya Maher

"I often think of what a Raw Food lifestyle might be without dehydrating, and I think- incomplete". In this blog Tanya Maher talks you through the Benefits Of using a Dehydrator