6 Natural Home Remedies for a Relentless Cough

A relentless cough can disrupt your daily life and a good night’s rest, leaving you feeling exhausted and frustrated. While over-the-counter medications are readily available, many people prefer taking a holistic approach. Here are six effective natural remedies to alleviate that persistent cough and get you back on track to wellness.

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People indulge in snacking for many reasons. Some turn to snacks to fuel them through stressful afternoons, while others reach for a bite to curb sudden hunger pangs between meals. Regardless of motivation, eating healthy foods is essential for better health.

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Breasts are truly a wonder — however, women often forget to care for their breasts, aside from wishing they were bigger or smaller. An ounce of preventative care can keep these multi-faceted organs at the peak of health for far longer.

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