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Wednesday, 25 May, 2022

Health and Fitness Urban Dictionary

How many of these health and fitness buzzwords and phrases are you familiar with?



How many times have you been in the gym or a health food store, and found yourself faced with terminology you’ve never heard before?

More often than not, these terms and phrases have been coined by health and fitness fanatics, to describe their own experiences, challenges, and everyday encounters as part of their “gym bunny” status.

Today, we’re cutting through the buzzwords and sharing our very own Urban Dictionary takeover - health and fitness style, so that you never have to feel isolated or GYM-TIMIDATED again (yes, that’s one from the list…)



Ever walked into a gym and immediately felt out of place (kind of like how you feel when people start using the following terms, buzzwords, and slang phrases on the weights mats and the running machines)? Well, that’s gym-timidation: the feeling of intimidation you get when you don’t feel able to relax inside the gym for fear of looking like you don’t know what you’re doing.

Gym-timidation often isolates those who are not already in the peak of physical fitness and should be avoided!



When you told yourself you’d only eat one biscuit, and then proceeded to eat the entire pack… that’s a Snaccident. Identified solely as a snack which, accidentally, turned into your biggest calorie hit of the day.

Show it off with pride or hide it in shame - a Snaccident does what it says on the tin.


Gym bunny

We don’t have to tell you much about these people, other than they dance around the gym and seem to spend every waking moment there that isn’t spent at work, sleeping, or hanging around with their gym bunny friends.

A gym bunny can be identified in the wild as someone carrying a smoothie and wearing lycra. Gym bunnies are also referred to as gym bros and gym gals.



If you’ve ever seen a personal trainer in action, you will have heard this term banded around - but it’s not one that everyone knows the meaning of, and it’s certainly not one you want to start asking about. Why? Because AMRAP stands for ‘As Many Reps As Possible’ - and that sounds like incredibly hard work.


Bro science

We can all think of at least one claim we’ve heard in the gym or been told by a gym bunny, that doesn’t seem entirely accurate but that the individual swears by. That’s bro science - backed by the support of other gym fanatics who believe in something as if it was scientifically proven, even when it’s not. We probably don’t have to tell you that this is one commonly used by bros who consume protein shakes and lift weights.



Ending on a big one, DOMS is a term regularly used by weightlifters and those working on their muscles - and it stands for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. It is, in short, the intense ache and soreness you can feel in your muscles in the days after focussing on a core muscle group during workout.


Can you think of any other fitness terms and gym-slang words to add to our list?  

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