Menopause? No Sweat!
Wednesday, 25 May, 2022

Menopause? No Sweat!

What causes sweats and hot flushes?



There are around 34 known symptoms of menopause, but one of the biggest questions still faced by women is when it will occur, and how long it will stick around.

While around 80% of women see the menopause arrive and leave again within four years, 10% of women state that their symptoms have lasted up to 12 years, making management techniques and treatments integral as a long term coping mechanism for many.

If you were to ask a group of individuals which symptoms they are already aware of, the majority would put hot flushes and sweats in their top three most recognisable symptoms - and it’s these symptoms which we are keen to combat with our selection of products from the UK’s leading health and wellness brands - including Udo’s Choice and Cleanmarine.

But first, what causes sweats and hot flushes?


Sweating and hot flushes - explained

Most of the common symptoms experienced during the menopause can be attributed to the fluctuation in hormonal levels, and hot flushes and sweats are no different. When the reproductive system starts to slow down and oestrogen levels drop in the body, these sweats and hot flushes are a sign of the body’s natural coping mechanism kicking in - leading to sleep disturbance and discomfort but which only exacerbate and make these symptoms all the more obvious to those facing them.

Now, most women report that the symptoms ease over time.

And while that’s all very well, they’re not much fun to manage at the time. That’s why so many women are now seeking products and solutions which address and rebalance the hormonal levels in the body.


How to manage the symptoms of menopause

Rebalancing the hormones in the body is crucial when it comes to supporting the body through menopause, with omega 3 one such ingredient which can give the body a boost of those hormones it is sorely lacking.

Omega 3 can naturally be found in oily fish - however many women are now reaching for solutions like Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil blend and Cleanmarine’s MenoMin products which both deliver a direct hit of omega 3 in a convenient, easy to take format.

MenoMin from Cleanmarine also contains vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 to combat fatigue and tiredness and to regulate hormonal activity, while Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil blend can be added to any standard meal as an oil replacement and also delivers a hit of fatty acids to support the body.

Some other lifestyle changes you can make, which compliment the addition of either of these leading products into your routine, include:

  • Gentle but regular exercise
  • Keep cool
  • Focus on mindfulness and breathing techniques
  • Quit habits which may be causing damage to your overall health and can exacerbate symptoms of menopause, such as excessive drinking and smoking


If you are interested in exploring more helpful articles to help support a healthy lifestyle, check out the Inspired Health blog.

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