Focus On Being FIT Not THIN
Wednesday, 27 March, 2019

Focus On Being FIT Not THIN

For many people being skinny has become the ideal image of female beauty. While being thin is probably good for us in terms of overweight being unhealthy, the main issue is that the fashion ideal often promotes a too-skinny look, so thin that it becomes unattainable for most women, and if we try to attain that look, we risk developing eating disorders.



Our main focus should not be on our weight, or fitting into size zero jeans. Rather, our goal should be being fit and healthy. Being fit and healthy is more than what you look like on the outside, we have to take care of our overall well-being too. If you are not visually progressing then you maybe within. So how can we do this? Antioxidants can reduce damage from toxins in the body, a massage/sports massage helps reduces stiffness/soreness of muscles and unwanted injuries, and eating a good balanced diet of nutritious foods gives your body the nutrients it needs to work more productively.

When the focus shifts from the number on the scale to our health, we tend to obsess less about weight and instead we focus on a better, healthier lifestyle. And this is what we should all be striving for. Simple changes, such as moving more – using the stairs instead of the elevator; reducing sugar; replacing sour cream with Greek yogurt (my favourite is Total 0%); switching to healthy fats such as coconut oil, Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend, fresh nuts; being more active and exercising more. This does not have to involve a gym - walking outdoors and making the most of nature can increase your endorphins through exercise, but also because it’s a time where we can free ourselves of stress and enjoy the beauties of nature.
It’s all about little steps which make a real change in lifestyle, and over time, this will reflect in our body weight too.
Don’t get me wrong, skinny can be natural for some, but if it’s not, trying to get there could be unhealthy, even dangerous. Instead, focus on being more active, making better food choices. It’s always better to focus on being fit and healthy instead of on some unattainable (for most) fashion goal of extreme thinness. Not only can your organs be damaged, but your hair may become brittle, skin become flaky, and your mood shift up and down -just a few of side effects of aiming to be skinny.
For athletes fitness and nutrition can be very strict, but for the general person who wants a fitter more healthier version of their former self, it can simply be about making better food choices and exercising 3 times a week. Being fit is not supposed to feel like a chore so keep it fun, there are so many different activities to experiment with, such as boxing, cross fit, weight training, walking/jogging, swimming, circuit based training, yoga/Pilates, zumba. The activity that works the best is the one you enjoy and will stick too!
You are what you eat and you deserve to be Fit, Happy and Healthy!

Article by PT and Fitness Model Carly Thornton. For further enquiries, please contact
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