Weekend Well-being – Self Care Checklist
Friday, 07 February, 2020

Weekend Well-being – Self Care Checklist

Most of us spend our weeks working ourselves into the ground. Whether that is from spending every hour in the office, studying hard or running around after the family, the importance of self-care still stands. Your weekend should be the time you have to chill out, unwind and reset for another busy week ahead.

While it is easy to get carried away at the weekend with chores and other stressful jobs, it is essential to take a bit of time out for yourself. Spending some time at the weekend to focus on your own well being and to make sure you fit in some self-care can do wonders to both your mental and physical health. One of the easiest ways to make sure you keep to your well being weekend plans is to write a self-care checklist;

Do A Digital Detox

With today’s modern technologies, it is easy to become permanently attached to our phones and other devices. Many of us check our phones over 50 times a day and spend hours on end scrolling various social media pages. Having a digital detox over a weekend is a great way to clear your mind and give yourself some extra time in your day. Put your phone in a draw in the morning and don’t look at it again until the next day, or if you don’t want to be without it for so long, just go out for a while and leave your phone at home. Spending some time away from your screen will help you to really think and be more present in your activities and can leave you feeling refreshed.

Break Your Routines

If your weekend routine is the same thing week in, week out, it can become mundane. Shake things up by treating yourself to breakfast or lunch at your favourite restaurant with a friend or partner. If no one is available to join you, then head out for a leisurely lunch alone.

Really focus on just enjoying your meal and take your time to really taste every bite. It is easy for us to rush meals and eat too quickly, especially when occupied by other things. By focusing on slowing down and doing something different, you will feel more energised and enjoy the experience much more than rushing through a meal.

Go For A Walk

Getting out of the house and embracing some fresh air is great for your own well-being. Exercise of any form is great for endorphins and will leave you feeling energised and happier. A brisk walk will help to release those feel-good chemicals into your bloodstream.

Take a trip to a local woods or beach and just have a stroll around your nearest green space. The fresh air, beautiful spaces and getting moving will help to reduce stress, eliminate mental fatigue and improve your mood.

Have A Pamper Session

Spending some time and effort on yourself is great for your self-care, and the weekend is the perfect time for a pamper session. There is no need to splash out on a pricey spa day in order to get some pampering in. Pop to your local shop and pick up a relaxing face mask or hair mask and indulge with your own spa session at home.

Give your nails a fresh coat of paint and do all those little things that just make you feel good about being you. Taking some time in your weekend to focus on you is the perfect way to destress and unwind, setting you up for a good week ahead.

Catch Up With Friends

With such busy lives, it can be difficult to find the time to catch up with loved ones. Planning some time to have a chat over a coffee with a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while can leave you feeling really positive. If during the week you are preoccupied with other commitments and struggle to keep up with friends, then actively make time for it at the weekends.

Sometimes it is easy to lose touch with friends and not speak for a long time, if you have someone you lost touch with then make attempts to rekindle connections. Sometimes meeting in person can be troublesome, especially if they live far away, but just a catch up on the phone is often enough to brighten your spirits and leave you feeling good.

If you are planning on calling your loved ones, then be sure to do it with no distractions and not whilst you are doing other chores. Give them your undivided attention and really value the connection you have.

So there you have it, five easy activities to slot into your weekend to give your physical and mental health a reboot. Try them out this weekend and see how much better they can make you feel.

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