How To Get A Healthier Complexion
Tuesday, 28 May, 2019

How To Get A Healthier Complexion

Author: Marianna Sulic

Youthful skin is full of plump, water-filled cells and the skin’s ability to hold water decreases with age. Essential fatty acids form a water barrier around skin cells preventing moisture loss, therefore hydrating your skin from the inside out leaving your skin feeling and looking soft, supple and smooth.



Healthy fats Omega 3 and 6 are often missing from our diets because fat has long been seen as an enemy in the eyes of most women, but healthy fats can have a dramatic effect on the look and feel of our skin, hair and nails. These “good fats” are vital for maintaining a healthy, glowing complexion. Essential fatty acids work at the cellular level, they form a water barrier on our skin cells, preventing moisture loss and hydrating the skin from the inside out.

They make skin soft, smooth and supple and are especially therapeutic for dry skin, redness, cracked heels and inflammatory skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis-like inflammatory skin conditions. They also help keep the proteins in our pores soft and help our skins cells to retain water, stopping them from drying out and flaking off – essentially moisturising the skin from within. EFA’s also improve the growth of hair and nails, making hair glossy and nails stronger.

Essential fatty acids have also been shown to help minimise the appearance of stretch marks, as they are important for tissue elasticity. They also promote connective tissue repair and the healing of scars.

The best way to hydrate the skin is from within so you would take Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend internally rather than applying it to the surface of your skin.
The ideal consumption of the essential fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6 is a 2:1 ratio. The recommended intake is from 20g undamaged Omega 3 (Alpha Linolenic Acid) and 9g undamaged Omega 6 (Linoleic Acid) on a daily basis. By consuming 30ml of Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend you will get just under these amounts.

The easiest way to meet your daily requirements of EFA’s to be working at the cellular level and to hydrate skin cells, is to consume 2-3 tablespoons (30-45ml) of Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend; along with the combination of eating whole foods rich in essential fatty acids, such as green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds.

Other important nutrients to incorporate into the diet to nourish a healthy complexion are biotin, zinc, vitamin C, selenium, vitamin A, vitamin E and amino acids (protein). These nutrients are abundant in whole foods such as avocado, eggs, green leafy vegetables (kale, spinach, collards), nuts and seeds, oats, quinoa, spelt, sweet potato, salmon, citrus fruits, as well as, algae and grasses like spirulina, dulse, chlorella, wheat grass and barley grass.

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