World Mental Health Day
Thursday, 08 September, 2022

World Mental Health Day

An insight into this incredibly important awareness date



With so many national and international days of note to focus on throughout the year, knowing which ones to acknowledge in your personal and professional life can be difficult. One of the most prominent however, with growing focus every year, is World Mental Health Day – a date which was founded by the World Health Organization on 10th October, with a different theme each year.

Whether you acknowledge this date in the workplace and in support of colleagues or seek to make small but significant changes to your lifestyle which support and nurture your mental wellbeing, understanding what World Mental Health Day is all about – and what you can do both during and after this day – is important. And to help drive your activity this year, 2022s theme is Make mental health and wellbeing for all a global priority.

The aim of World Mental Health Day 

World Mental Health Day was born from a growing need to focus on mental health as well as physical health. As scientists, medical professionals, and the general public grow and learn more about the importance of mindset and mental wellbeing in living a healthy life, so it becomes increasingly apparent that more needs to be done to support mental wellbeing on all levels.

By assigning one day a year to the importance of mental health and wellbeing, organisations focussed on mental health have a chance to share the spotlight, individuals are encouraged to make small changes to help themselves and those around them, and national and local governments have a chance to champion initiatives which are designed to boost mental health.

So, what can you do this year in light of the theme and focus on global mental health for all?

What can you do to acknowledge it this year?

The 2022 theme is all about recognising the importance of mental health on a global scale – expanding our response to mental wellbeing beyond our local communities and thinking about ways to offer support internationally.

The pandemic over the last few years plays a big part in this, as we recognise how the lockdowns have affected different people from all sorts of backgrounds and from all walks of life. In addition, finding ways of changing the way we talk about mental health is of the upmost importance, both on an individual level, a community level, and a global level.

As part of this, 2022 is the year that people from all areas of the mental health sector can and should be heard – from those living with conditions to doctors, scientists, advocates, employers, and governments. By listening to and hearing the insight from across the board, mental health can start to lose its stigma and the taboo attached to it – something that has seen strives of progress in the Western world but is still very much a problem in some areas and communities.

To do your bit and recognise World Mental Health Day on 10th October 2022, look for the print outs and other resources available online from the World Health Organization, and speak to your employer or boss about fundraising or sharing information with your colleagues about the cause.

You can also do your own research through the variety of podcasts and publications out there and wear the green ribbon which lets people around you know that you support mental health awareness.

Finally, pay attention to your own wellbeing – both physical and mental – by making sure you are doing all you can to keep your mind and body healthy. 

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