Winter Wonder - Fact or Fiction?
Thursday, 03 February, 2022

Winter Wonder - Fact or Fiction?

“Winter Wonder” has become a seasonal marketing phrase that’s thrown around a lot by health and wellbeing companies. But is everything they say true? In this blog we are compiling some of the big players in the winter health store cupboard to sort fact from fiction, and to put a spotlight on the real MVP’s of the winter season. 


Manuka MGO Honey 


Often noted for its high price tag, manuka honey is certainly not to be confused with standard supermarket honey. Derived from the nectar produced by bees who pollinate the manuka tree, Manuka honey is known for its unique properties.

Manuka MGO Honey is native to New Zealand and boasts a darker colour than most other honeys. If the product you are buying doesn’t state that it is from New Zealand, it may be a fake and should be avoided - as you will see, all of our Manuka MGO Honey products clearly show their origin on the label. 

In terms of its status as a ‘winter wonder’ product, Manuka MGO Honey supports you through common in the wintertime welness stumbling blocks.) It can effectively soothe a sore throat making it a great medicine during cold and flu season and presents an alternative option. 

Manuka Drops


All the goodness of natural New Zealand Manuka Honey, wrapped up into a tasty lozenge. These winter treats are flavoured for a great experience and contain the benefits of premium manuka honey with added vitamins. The drops are designed to dissolve slowly, affording the same benefits as the honey in terms of soothing a sore throat and promoting health - with the added vitamin C giving the body an extra hit to fight colds and winter flus. 

If Manuka honey is a superfood for the modern lifestyle, then manuka drops simply make consumption even easier. Because of this, having manuka drops in your winter store cupboard is a great way of enabling instant access to manuka honey when you need it. 

One Nutrition Blackseed Oil


Blackseed oil is also known as ‘Blessed Seed oil’ - which goes some way to celebrating its status in the health food world. Made from organic Egyptian black seed, this oil is cold-pressed and bottled for use as a salad dressing, added to a drink, or taken as a daily supplement taken straight from bottle to spoon. 

The benefits of blackseed oil include supporting the immune system and maintaining skin, heart, and hair health. The One Nutrition blackseed oil is renowned as being organic in its approach, using the finest ingredients and ensuring that every drop packs a nutritional punch.

One Nutrition Revive & Go

 The ultimate immunity booster, this is our go-to product which not only supports your immune system but does so with an easy and accessible daily capsule. The capsule contains a hit of vitamin C and zinc, contained within a stomach friendly and absorbable casing to help your body draw out everything it needs from the capsule effectively. 

This stomach friendly design puts One Nutrition Revive & Go at the top of the market as an effective and efficient immune booster during the winter months, helping to fight the effect of seasonal colds and viruses, and keeping your body and mind energised. 

One Nutrition Convenient Sprays


With a collection of different convenient sprays, One Nutrition ticks every box with these beneficial oral sprays for instant support. 

Q10 - Our Q10 levels go down as we age so top up with this delicious orange-flavoured spray, It is convenient, great for on the go or those who don't like tablets

D3 - Supporting bone health and muscle function, D3 is built around topping up vitamin D levels especially in the winter when exposure to the sun is at its lowest. By ensuring a consistent dose of vitamin D, this oral spray keeps bones, teeth, nails, and the immune system strong. A real winter staple! 

D3 & K2 - This combination spray combines D3 with K2, delivering the body a boost of support for the teeth, bones, and heart. This spray helps to direct calcium into the bones to support and promote bone density and promotes cardiovascular health and wellbeing. 

B12 - Supporting the formation of red blood cells, supporting the immune system, and maintain energy levels all year round. This spray is an all-rounder which can help to combat the fatigue of wintertime and contribute to a consistent metabolic rate for complete internal and external wellbeing. 

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