Way's To Manage Stress (That Aren't Meditation)
Monday, 19 August, 2019

Way's To Manage Stress (That Aren't Meditation)

Stress is common in modern society. Some people manage stress by taking medication, or by practicing meditation. Whilst these are both quite prescriptive, a few lifestyle changes could help you rest easier and work more effectively. Below we have outlined some of the best ways to de-stress and get on with your day.



Have some perspective

This is one of those that is easier said than done, but perspective is an eye-opener. Simply knowing that your day-to-day struggles will not result in the end of the world and there is only so much you can do, is comforting.

Get organised

Having an organised life is key to having an organised mind. Becoming organised can involve various things. Decluttering your home and work space is a great way of freeing up your mind to spend time on important things.

You don’t want to spend time fretting about the minutiae. Organising your schedule is another fantastic way of destressing. By prioritising and ridding yourself of unnecessary faff you will alleviate pressure.


Spend time doing what you love

This seems obvious but so many spend too much time doing things that we hate. The sooner you spend time doing what you love the sooner you feel de-stressed and relaxed.

To a certain extent you have to endure things that you dislike in order to get to the things that you enjoy. Often this means five days a week of stress and two days a week of relaxation. This is unsustainable. You should find time throughout the week to engage in activities that bring you joy.


Take a minimalist approach

Get rid of things you don’t need. This may be difficult but a minimalist approach in life is often a good way of lessening stress.

There has been a decluttering trend in recent years spearheaded by minimalist guru Marie Kondo. There are pros and cons to this approach to life but it is worth experimenting with. With less things in your life there is less to worry about.


Downtime is special and sleep is sacred

It is important to relax. Your body can only take so much stress before it begins to function improperly. Downtime is important.

Whether you are watching TV, chilling with friends or playing an instrument downtime can have meditative qualities that will enrich your life.

Additionally, you should ensure that you are getting a good amount of regular, uninterrupted sleep.



Regular exercise is a fantastic way to get rid of stress. Exercise can take many forms from a head clearing walk, to alleviating stress on a pavement pounding run, or doing yoga or a workout class with friends. Sweating and getting your heart pumping is a great way of forgetting about your problems.

Exercising is also an important way of preventing unnecessary stress that can arise from being unhealthy and unfit.


Get your B vitamins

It is important to have a diet rich in B vitamins. Many people get the sufficient number of vitamins in their daily life, for some people vitamin deficiencies can be inevitable because of their age, circumstances or medical condition(s).

If you are not eating a diet rich in B vitamins you can supplement your vitamins levels with Cleanmarine. There are supplements for women and men that have been specially designed to ensure you are getting the right levels of vitamins & minerals, every day.


Staying stress free

Hopefully some of the above methods can help you manage your stress. Stress can never totally vanish from our lives and none of the above will magically deliver you a stress-free existence.

We have highlighted some of the ways that stress can be managed on a day-to-day basis. Eventually some of these tips could become part of your routine.

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