Top Picks To Top Up Your Omegas Daily
Thursday, 10 September, 2020

Top Picks To Top Up Your Omegas Daily

It’s hard to have missed the message that Omegas are important for our health, but knowing how to get enough of them can be a challenge. Here’s all you need to know about getting the right amount of Omegas in your diet. 

Why Are Omegas Important?

Omegas 3 and 6 contain essential fatty acids. They are two families of nutrients that your body needs. You need them to provide your body with healthy energy, feed your brain, and build your cells’ membranes. ALA and LA are two of the fatty acids in these families, and the only way you can get them is as part of your diet. Your body has no way of making these nutrients from other things.

Getting the required levels of Omegas in your diet has been shown to have many health benefits. These nutrients are connected to lower levels of inflammation, which can reduce joint and muscle pain. They contain nutrients that are vital for maintaining the health of your eyes. People with adequate Omegas levels are at lower risk for heart disease, and they help to keep your skin well hydrated and healthy.

What Foods Contain Them

When most people think of foods containing Omegas, they tend to think of oily fish. If you’re not a fan of sardines or salmon that can be a little off-putting. However, there are plenty of options for finding Omegas beyond fish suppers. Here are some excellent options:

  • Walnuts
  • Eggs
  • Fortified Milk and Dairy
  • Leafy Greens - Spinach and Kale
  • Flaxseed Oil
  • Tofu.

To get the maximum benefit from the Omegas in these foods, you need to take some care when cooking them. If you cook them with intense heat, it can damage the Omegas and reduce their efficacy. That means it’s best to avoid frying and boiling. If you need to cook an omega-rich food, steaming is the best option to ensure you get the maximum levels of the nutrients in your foods.

The Benefits Of Using A Supplement

In an ideal world, we would all get all of our nutrients straight from our foods, but life sometimes gets in the way. Whether you are limited by time, dietary restriction, or just food preferences, it can be challenging to get the variety of healthy food you need. It is also challenging to know if you are getting the right amounts of the nutrients you need. Especially as the way that you prepare your food can alter the levels of nutrients in it.

This is why it can be a good idea to opt for a supplement. When you use Omega supplements, you just take the amount specified, and you are secure in the knowledge that you are getting the correct amount of the Omegas that your body needs.

Options that can fit into your lifestyle are incredibly helpful. For example, with Udo’s Oil, you can add it to a meal just before serving it. It’s quick and easy.

The other benefit of Omega supplements is that you are getting all of the Omegas that you need. After all, they are a big family of nutrients, so it can be hard to be sure you are getting them all from your diet. You also need to get them in the right ratio for your body to get the maximum benefit. With a supplement, someone else has done the hard work of figure all of that out for you.

Getting The Ratio Of Omegas Right

There is a lot of talk of Omega 3, but you hear less about Omega 6. That’s because typical Western diets have large amounts of Omega 6 in them naturally. Unfortunately, the sources of Omega 6 from our diets are often cooked harshly or mixed with preservatives, which can damage the nutritional value. 

Our body needs both Omega 3 and 6 to be truly healthy, typically on a ratio of 2:1. If you have too much of one type, it can lead to a deficiency in the other. It’s not just a matter of getting more Omega 3. It’s about getting more undamaged Omega 3 and 6 to give your body what it needs.

The Best Way To Get Your Omegas

Ultimately the best way to get your Omegas is to try and eat healthily from a wide range of food sources. This is true no matter what nutrient it is you are trying to get. Fortified food and leafy greens are good choices. An easy option to make sure you are getting the right amount of Omegas, in the correct ratio, is to add a supplement like Udo’s Oil to your routine. You can add it to your food once you are done cooking to ensure you get undamaged Omegas in the correct optimal health ratio.

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