Top 8 Documentaries To Inspire And Educate
Thursday, 16 July, 2020

Top 8 Documentaries To Inspire And Educate

If you find yourself with time on your hands but have run out of series to binge, then why not mix things up and watch some documentaries? There are some great ones out there that are not only enjoyable and interesting, but they make a change from binge-watching boxsets and can open your mind to a whole new way of looking at things!


If you’re feeling a little low or lacking in motivation, then these are our top pick for inspirational documentaries. After watching these, it’s hard not to feel a bit more upbeat and ready to face the world.

The Last Dance – Netflix

Even if you’re not a fan of basketball, you will have heard of Michael Jordan. This 10-part documentary is chock full of nostalgia for the 1990s. The series follows the Chicago Bulls through their 1997 season, Jordan’s last before he retired.

At this point, Michael was a superstar, and the Bulls had won six titles in the previous eight years. The mix of archival footage and recent interviews, including names like Barack Obama, and Justin Timberlake make this an entertaining watch.

Icarus – Netflix

Icarus is something of a rollercoaster ride of a documentary. This 110-minute show starts as an exploration of whether doping can boost the documentarian’s cycling performance or not. Inspired by the scandal of Lance Armstrong, Bryan Fogel explores how easy, and effective it is to cheat and get away with it in a cycling event.

To do so, he enlists the help of a Russian scientist, which is when the documentary takes a sharp left turn and uncovers the scale of the doping programme run by Russia during the Olympics. It’s fascinating and culminates with a secret meeting with lawyers, international investigators and safe houses!

Losers – Netflix

When it comes to sporting documentaries, the story of the underdog who works hard and wins big is a little overplayed now. Which is why Losers is so refreshing, The series looks into the often unexplored side of sport. You get to learn the stories of the people who put everything on the line and lost.

You can experience the pain of defeat in so many different forms and watch how the athletes deal with it. It is a fascinating and varied watch.

Senna - Netflix

Senna explores the career of one of the best racing drivers to hit the track. The documentary follows Ayrton Senna’s career from 1984 through to his untimely death. The 104-minute show gives you an insight into the nuts and bolt of racing. The surprising twists and turns of this real-life story bring you scenes of heroism, villainy suspense, and a surprisingly emotional ride.


Documentaries offer a laid back way to learn a little more about the world without having to strain yourself. If you want to pick up some insights into the world around you, or just have something to talk about the next time you speak to your friends then here are some excellent picks to try out.

What The Health – Netflix

What The Health is a documentary worth watching as it’s likely to be a conversation starter. It is a dramatic exploration of how a vegan diet can help improve health and combat chronic diseases. There is some great information in here along with some fear-mongering.

It is an excellent place to start if you want to learn more about a vegan diet, and a great basis for you to undertake your own research into whether a vegan diet could be right for you.

The Game Changers – Netflix

Game Changers is another pro-vegan documentary. This one explores the vegan diet in terms of professional athletes. If you are looking for something to give you a nudge to reduce the meat in your diet, this is a good choice.

It does explain the health benefits of a plant-based diet and shows you what you can achieve while following it, especially in a sporting capacity.  Some of the experiments in the documentary are really eye-opening.

Planet Earth – BBC

If you like nature documentaries, then the Planet Earth series is a winner. This is one of the best nature documentaries out there. Narrated by the engaging and wonderful David Attenborough, and filled with panoramic, delightful and inspiring scenes, this documentary will not only educate you about the world it will make you marvel at it.

Rotten - Netflix

Rotten is like a true-crime documentary about the food production industry. The series explores the darker side of the foods we eat. It will undoubtedly change the way that you look at your dinner after watching it. The series is thought-provoking and aims to make you consider your food choices. It certainly provides food for thought!

So, if you’re endlessly scrolling, searching for the perfect viewing material, then switch it up with one of these fascinating choices and get the conversation flowing!

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