Is CBD Helpful for Stress Relief?
Tuesday, 17 August, 2021

Is CBD Helpful for Stress Relief?

Stress is an issue that affects all of us at some points in our lives, however, some people are more prone to suffering from stress than others. While a small amount of stress in our daily lives is normal, if we become too overwhelmed with stress it can be damaging for both mental and physical health.

Severe stress levels can lead to various symptoms which affect you both physically and psychologically. Headaches, insomnia, and depression can all develop from suffering sustained levels of stress, so finding ways to appropriately deal with excess stress is beneficial.

There are several methods for dealing with stress, depending on it's severity, including regular exercise, meditation, and talking issues over with family and friends. Whilst these methods are all important for feeling better and alleviating some elements of stress, in recent years, more people have started turning to cannabidiol (CBD) as a way of helping to support stress relief.

Can CBD Help Alleviate Symptoms of Stress?

CBD oils have become much of a hot topic in recent years, and many people have found that it may help to alleviate symptoms associated with stress. CBD oil is derived from the cannabis plant, however, unlike other cannabinoids such as THC, CBD isn’t a compound that produces mind-altering effects. This means there are a plethora of benefits that can be experienced without the risk of impairing cognitive ability. Resultantly, many people have turned to CBD to help alleviate several issues, with stress being one of the common problems.

CBD for Headaches

Several different types of headaches can be caused because of stress and worry. The effects of CBD can help to reduce the impact of different types of headaches that have been brought on by stress.

Anyone who suffers from migraines will understand how unpleasant they can be. Migraines can be described as long severe headaches that can also be accompanied by feelings of sickness, dizziness, and nausea. CBD can be useful for reducing feelings of nausea, as well as helping to reduce the intensity of pain experienced from migraines.

Tension headaches are more commonly directly associated with stress, and typical characteristics of tension headaches include consistent sharp pain felt in your head. CBD oil can reduce the severity of pain felt from tension headaches, as the oil interacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body to reduce the feeling of pain felt and calm the nervous system.

Cluster headaches can also be brought on by stress, and CBD can help to reduce the severity of the pain induced. The soothing effects of CBD act as a painkiller, and as cluster headaches can last for several weeks, CBD can be preferable to frequently taking regular painkiller tablets.

Improving Sleep Quality with CBD

Insomnia and sleep issues in general are commonly associated with stress, and it’s often the case that people get into a cycle of obtaining poor quality sleep and feeling more stressed, which results in more sleepless nights. CBD can be a useful sleeping aid due to its serotonin inducing properties. High levels of serotonin (a ‘feel-good’ chemical), reduce the chance of suffering from anxiety and depression related issues, which can result in better quality sleep.

Additionally, if you are having issues sleeping due to joint or muscle pain, CBD could be used to relieve pain and soothe inflamed areas of the body. This can result in better quality sleep if you are not distracted by discomfort.  

How Much CBD Oil is Needed for Stress? 

CBD is available in a range of different types, but one of the most popular is CBD oil. It’s difficult to put an exact recommended usage on CBD oil for dealing with stress, as it's anecdotal and every person is different it will require different amounts and some might feasibly not notice any benefits at all. Many factors affect how much CBD oil a person may need to take, such as age, height, weight, and more importantly, the severity of the symptoms they are experiencing.

It’s advised that people who are new to CBD start with a lower amount and gradually increase their intake up to no more than 70mg per day. In terms of recommended strength, this again is specific to the individual, but it will likely be more beneficial for those with more chronic issues to go for higher strength CBD.

If you are feeling severe levels of stress, it’s important that you reach out for help in whatever way you can. Lifestyle changes such as a proper exercise routine and supplements such as CBD oil can help to support you in alleviating stress, but if the issue becomes too unmanageable, then it’s recommended that you speak to a medical professional.  

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