Give Your Leftovers Boost: How To Use Your Food Wisely
Friday, 03 April, 2020

Give Your Leftovers Boost: How To Use Your Food Wisely

With so many people rushing to the supermarkets to stock up their essentials, and the globe facing an unprecedented crisis, knowing how to use what you’ve got is vital. If you love food but hate waste, then there are plenty of ways that you can make the most of every last ingredient in your cupboard.

Using up your leftovers will not only give you a helping hand when the shops are low on stock, but it also makes excellent financial and environmental sense. With Udo’s Choice, you can give your leftovers a boost so that your meals are still always full of nutritional goodness. Here are our top tips and recipes for using up your leftovers and creating delicious meals again and again;

How To Use Leftover Pasta

We’re all guilty of cooking too much pasta. Getting the portions right is never easy but being left with too much cooked pasta makes the perfect base for a second meal.

Any type of pasta you have leftover can be used, and you can make either another hot pasta dish, like a pasta bake or a pasta salad that can work as an accompaniment to another dish. Here are a couple of salad dressing recipes that work perfectly for dressing a pasta salad. They contain Udo’s Oil Ultimate Oil blend for a healthy boost of omega essential fatty acids and other key nutrients.

Spare Brazil Nuts For Delicious Pesto

Pesto is one of the most versatile things to have in the cupboard and being able to make it at home means you can create loads of delicious meals. If you have some Brazil nuts lurking in your cupboard, you can use this pesto recipe. All you will need is a handful of store cupboard ingredients and some fresh coriander from your herb box.

This super handy recipe is versatile enough to be used to add to pasta, salads or any other meal in need of a nutritious and delicious boost. Pesto is packed full of some of the best nutritious foods around, and with the addition of Udo’s Oil, this recipe boasts essential fatty acids.

Recipes For Leftover Rice

Rice is like gold dust in the shops at the moment and is a perfect staple in any cupboard. If you cook too much rice, then don’t let it go to waste. Turn it into a second scrumptious meal, such as paella, or as an accompaniment to a beany chilli or curry.

Leftover Fruit And Veg Smoothies

Fruit and vegetables are often leftover and forgotten about because many people don’t know what to do with them next. If you’ve got some leftovers, consider making one of our delicious smoothie recipes. Smoothies are perfect for breakfast, lunch or a snack on the go, and are packed full of goodness. All our recipes use Beyond Greens or Ultimate Oil for an extra nutritious punch.

Udo’s Choice Beyond Greens is a formulated blend of whole foods, super greens, herbs and nutritious fermented greens. It creates a great source of vitamin C, iron and fibre, and can offer increased nutrient absorption.

Plenty Of Peas

If your kids refused to eat peas for last night’s dinner, or you cooked too many, then you can repurpose these into a delicious pea hummus which you can then slather on toast. The perfect lunchtime snack! With just five ingredients and a dash of salt and pepper, it is a super-easy recipe that is ideal for a healthy pick-me-up lunch!

Make Your Own Stock

Leftovers from a roast chicken, turkey or even vegetables are often thrown out and considered useless. However, they can actually be used to create delicious stock to make a base for additional meals in the future. If you’re running low on stock in the cupboard, then creating your own and freezing is a much easier and more affordable option. Create soup stock and freeze into small and medium batches to use in future dishes.

Store Leftovers Strategically

Keeping your leftovers tasty and fresh can sometimes be a challenge and giving it some thought can help keep your food last for longer. For example, if you are boxing leftover rice and chilli, then spread the leftover rice over the entire bottom of a container and spread the chilli over the top going right to the edges. This help because rice often dries out, but by covering with a layer of chilli, it will keep it moist and fresh for longer.

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