Eat the Season!
Monday, 14 November, 2022

Eat the Season!

Some of the healthiest vegetables to enjoy this winter



The change in season brings with it varying weather conditions, a change in style and interior décor, and some major adjustments in the locally grown and seasonal produce aisle of your favoured grocery store.

Here at Inspired Health, we believe that the best approach to year-round health and wellbeing is to combine leading health products with fresh produce – adding plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables to your meals and integrating our supplements into your day as part of a healthy routine.

As we move further into winter, here are some of the fresh seasonal produce and ingredients to look out for – and why they are so beneficial to your health.


Why we love winter vegetables

Hardy and able to withstand the drop in temperature and the change in outdoor growing conditions, winter veg is packed full of naturally occurring sugar which prevents it from freezing. This property creates a delicately sweet and fragrant flavour which is exclusive to winter-grown produce, and which makes dishes like roasted winter veg even tastier.

When you choose to eat the season, not only do you support the health and wellbeing of your body, but you also commit to a more sustainable diet which utilises those ingredients that are produced close to home. This ensures a more cost effective and environmentally friendly approach to your food shopping.


The top winter produce to look out for

Without further ado, here are some of our favourite vegetables and ingredients to look out for this winter, empowering you to eat the season and boost your natural health and wellbeing with local, in-season produce.


Brussels sprouts

A family favourite in winter, often found in a festive roast diner, Brussels sprouts are packed full of nutrients and contain vitamin K (for bone and heart health), vitamins A, B, and C, and potassium as well as fibre and insulin.

With the appearance of mini cabbages, Brussels sprouts can be fried, roasted, or boiled, and add a hit of flavour to your vegetable side dishes.



Another roast dinner must-have, ideal when boiled, roasted, or mashed with swede, carrots are at their sweetest when harvested in winter – and contain well more than a daily dose of vitamin A which is integral for eye health and supporting your immune system. Though carrots are often harvested in the summer for ease, they thrive in cold weather and reach their peak during the winter months.


Swiss chard

A leafy favourite, with both the leaves and the stem able to be cooked and added to all manner of dishes via a selection of different methods, Swiss chard is low in calories but high in nutrients – making it ideal for all diets. It is an excellent source of vitamins A, K, and C, and also supports the bodys betalain levels which reduce inflammation.


Red cabbage

This one is particularly interesting because while standard white cabbage is just as healthy in terms of calorie content, red cabbage is known to contain a greater nutrient profile – with 85% of the daily recommended intake of vitamins C, A, and K.

In addition to this, red cabbage is an ideal source of antioxidants which help to fight disease. Best of all, it thrives in cold weather making it ideal for the unpredictable British winter climate.



We couldnt provide a list of seasonal ingredients to look out for this winter, and not include at least one herb. A go-to for all sorts of dishes, from soups to salads and more, parsley is a popular all-rounder – and it continues to grow through the chill, damp, and frost of winter.

Packed full of nutritional content, parsley supports the bodys vitamin K and C levels, and is also loaded with folate, calcium, potassium, and vitamin A – all of which support a healthy body and mind.


Embrace the season

While all of these vegetables and ingredients help you to embrace the season in your kitchen, having a collection of nutrition supplements and products can help you to balance out every meal and ensure that your body is getting the optimum levels of different vitamins and minerals all year round.

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