Cleanmarine A-Z of Periods
Wednesday, 19 April, 2023

Cleanmarine A-Z of Periods

Despite half of the population experiencing periods on a monthly, regular basis, there remains a distinct taboo around the topic of periods which makes understanding certain aspects of them difficult to decipher and understand.

While, on the outset, periods appear messy and inconvenient for the women who experience them every month, periods can in fact be an excellent indicator of overall health – with both men and women urged to get to know more about what periods look like, what they mean, and how to read the different symptoms and signs linked to this monthly cycle.

Which is why weve created this A-Z of periods: introducing both the little things and the big things we commonly associate with periods, as per the letters of the alphabet. And were getting stuck right in with a lesser known one for A – Amenorrhea.



The absence of a period, or a missed period, in a cycle which is otherwise very regular. This could be caused by anything from pregnancy to weight loss, mental stress, or an underlying condition – making it an important early indicator that something may be going on with your body. 



Any female will have at least one horror story about a menstrual cycle-related breakout, with the uptick in hormones often wreaking havoc on your skin. These are products that can help and can be prescribed by a doctor, or why not try one of the many topical treatments on the market.


Cycle Management

Managing your own cycle means getting to know your own symptoms, the challenges you face at different stages of your cycle, and what you can do to alleviate pain and other symptoms. While many reach for pain killers when their period arrives – we have an alternative solution.

Taking something like Cleanmarine For Women throughout the month can be more effective than just taking paracetamol & treating the symptoms during the period. However, this and the science behind regular medication and supplements is not often taught in schools.


Digestive issues

If you find that your period brings with it digestive issues such as diarrhoea, constipation, gas, and other unpleasant symptoms, our biggest piece of advice is to increase your intake of greens and fibres, giving your body more in the way of digestion-friendly nutrition.



Not so much a symptom or a challenge of periods, as something we recommend increasing when suffering with pain or tiredness. Getting out and about to do some exercise can be a great natural pain reliever and will make you feel much better.



This is a big one in the period A-Z because it is a major factor why so many people get to know the intricate details of their period. Even a regular period does not necessarily mean high level fertility, however it is a good starting point when it comes to tracking your cycle, ovulation, and overall health.


Girl talk

Need we say more? Surrounding yourself with good friends and a great support system during your cycle is important. And who better than the girls who know how you feel?!



Every period brings with it a whole host of hormonal changes to be aware of. Its worth noting that different contraceptives can also cause hormonal chaos, so be wary when selecting the right contraceptive for you and consult a doctor where necessary.



Yes, weve all been there. The pain and discomfort that comes with your period equals irritability – something which can be managed with supplements that are designed for women.


Joint pain

An increased number of prostaglandins before and during your period may play a part in triggering pain in your muscles and joints – making this another case for keeping track of your access to good pain killers.


Vitamin K

Vitamin K is an important nutrient in helping the body to maintain healthy blood clotting, which is particularly important during the blood loss stage of the period. Effective blood clotting helps to prevent the body from losing too much blood.


Luteal phase

The luteal phase is a major part of the menstrual cycle and typically lasts around 12-14 days. It starts around day 15 and doesnt end until your period arrives – and is the part which is responsible for preparing the uterus to protect an egg or shed with the arrival of your period.



Certainly not a part of life worth fearing, menopause occurs when your periods no longer arrive on a monthly basis, and when your body stops releasing eggs as part of the regular cycle. Other changes occur during the menopause phase of your life – but on the plus side you no longer need to worry about periods.


Natural remedies

A growing phenomena in the world of wellness, natural remedies include supplements and other products which are said to promote health and positive thoughts throughout the cycle.



Another core part of the menstrual cycle, ovulation is the stage of your period when the egg is released, and the woman is at her most fertile.



Pregnancy occurs when the sperm reaches and successfully fertilises an egg.



Feeling worried or like you have questions that you cant find the answers to? Always seek advice if youre worried about any stage of your menstrual cycle.



If your period leaves you feeling stressed, irritated, or sore, then rest is one of the best and simplest forms of treatment.



Another great reliever of many symptoms linked with your period, swimming is also a way of getting active to help promote a sense of health and wellbeing. And dont be afraid of swimming with your period – the plethora of products available mean that swimming is not something to shy away from.



Tracking your period is a great way of keeping an eye on the regularity of your cycle, with many apps and tools available to help.



Do you have all the right underwear to see your period through? For most women, this means comfortable and supportive underwear which makes them feel relaxed.



An involuntary reaction to penetration or sex, this refers to a tightening of the vaginal muscles which can lead to discomfort or pain and can be caused by either physical or psychological reactions or conditions.


When do periods start?

The short answer to this is around the age of 11 or 12, when girls start to mature and hit puberty. Periods remain a part of their life until they reach menopause.



Despite being known in the medical world as an ultrasound, if something is wrong with your reproductive system or if you are pregnant and heading for a scan, you will be referred to the x-ray department so that they can see inside your womb for a clearer view on whats going on.



Offering both mental and physical relaxation and calm for the body, yoga is a popular activity with women both during their period and at other times of the month. Not only does the stretching help to relieve pain and cramps but yoga is also a great way to tighten the muscles and exercise control over the body as a whole.



Last but not least, zinc is a known nutrient that helps to relieve period pains and cramps, with supplements containing zinc (like Cleanmarine for Women) a great addition to your bathroom cabinet during your period in particular.

What words in our Cleanmarine A-Z of periods were new to you?

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