Can CBD Oil Help with Sleep?
Thursday, 30 September, 2021

Can CBD Oil Help with Sleep?

Sleep can affect all aspects of our lives and getting a good quality night’s sleep can make all the difference as you go about your daily routine. A lack of sleep can lead to all sorts of problems, including fatigue, a dip in mood, and the prevention of being able to work to the best of your ability.

For those that suffer from insomnia, the lack of energy and other issues associated with sleepless nights will be all too familiar. Many people often need to make lifestyle changes, or turn to medicines to deal with consistent sleepless nights. In recent years, CBD oil has emerged as a potential alternative for dealing with sleep issues. In this blog, we’ll discuss whether CBD oil could potentially help with getting a better-quality night’s sleep.

What is CBD?

CBD is the more common term for Cannabidiol, which is an extract derived from the Cannabis plant. CBD has been at the centre of much research, especially over the past few years, and has been continuously linked to having potential health benefits. Whilst more research needs to be done, it’s clear that a lot of people are turning to CBD because of its effects. CBD is thought to be able to reduce pain & inflammation as well as relieve feelings of anxiety & depression.

Although CBD originates from the Cannabis plant, it shouldn’t be confused with THC, which is the psychoactive ingredient that is associated with the feeling of getting ‘high’. CBD oil typically does not contain THC, or if it does, it’s in small doses and certainly not enough to get you ‘high’ or have any of the psychoactive side effects.

Can CBD Improve Sleep?

One of the most anecdotal, common uses of CBD is for people dealing with issues that impact sleep. For people that suffer from anxiety, depression, or any stress-related issues – sleep can be massively impacted. Stress and worry can often keep you awake at night, so using CBD before you go to bed can help to reduce these feelings and ease you into a comforting sleep.

Because of the stress relieving properties of CBD, taking it can often result in better quality sleep, in addition to helping to get you to sleep. One of the main reasons why CBD can stand out ahead of standard sleep medication is because it doesn’t leave you feeling drowsy or groggy, which are the types of feelings sleeping medication can often induce.

When Should I Take CBD?

If you are looking to take CBD mainly to tackle sleep issues, it’s best to take CBD around 30 minutes to an hour before you go to sleep, as this gives enough time for the oil to fully get into your system. If you are starting to take CBD, it’s often stated that it may take a few nights to work properly, and you should try getting into a routine of taking it every night.

In terms of the recommended amount, it’s usually best to start with a few drops of lower strength CBD before moving onto a higher strength. To take CBD oil, you need to place a few drops underneath your tongue, then leave it for around a minute before swallowing or drinking anything.

Will CBD Oil Work for Me?

Everyone reacts differently when it comes to dealing with sleep, but if you are having trouble then it does no harm to give CBD oil a go. It’s worth bearing in mind that CBD oil should be taken alongside eating a healthy diet and regular exercise, as these are both key to getting a good night’s sleep.

Whilst CBD has been able to help people with serious sleeping conditions, it’s worth speaking to a medical professional if you continue to suffer from insomnia or any other serious sleep-related issues.

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