Back Working from Home? Here’s How to Stay Productive
Friday, 05 February, 2021

Back Working from Home? Here’s How to Stay Productive

Are you back working from home again and struggling for motivation? A lot of people are in the same boat and we understand how restricting it can feel at times. If you are in need of some guidance and ideas for how to stay productive while working from home, then read on! 

Create a Designated Workspace

If you are just trying to work by sitting in front of the TV on your laptop then it is going to be extremely easy to get distracted. It’s a good idea to separate where you work from where you relax as this will create a more productive environment.

The same can be said for not just being spread out over the kitchen table, as this is where you sit down to eat! It is best to try and create a space that is solely for doing your work. This will help psychologically, as you will only associate being in that area with working and being productive.

Free Yourself from Noise

This can seem fairly difficult if there is a lot of noise pollution near where you live, and it can be challenging to naturally block out distracting noises. If you are struggling to get in the mental zone and focus properly on your work because of noise, there are a few options you can try to block it out.

As mentioned in our previous blog regarding how to make your work from home life more efficient, you can try using the app which is a service that plays music scientifically designed to make your brain focus. Alternatives including listening to the Cory Allen Binaural Beats designed specifically for deep work or finding some other types of binaural beats on YouTube. Another option is to put headphones in and just listen to music you find relaxing. Whichever method you choose, blocking out distracting noise can really help you to focus and concentrate on your work.

Set Boundaries and Timescales

Organising your time effectively and setting boundaries and timescales for tasks is extremely important when working from home. You may have heard of the concept of Parkinson’s Law, which is defined as “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”. Ever known about a task that needed doing for months in advance but left it until the last hour to complete it? That is an example of Parkinson’s Law in place. However, there are methods that allow you to use this concept to your advantage. By setting shorter timescales and imposing deadlines on your own work (or get someone else too), you can start to work more efficiently. If you struggle to set boundaries for yourself, you can try using the pomodoro technique, which encourages you to break work down into 25 minute chunks followed up by a 3-5 minute break.

It’s incredible what managing your time efficiently can do for your productivity levels. It will also leave you feeling more positive at the end of the day as you will have achieved more and reduced your level of stress. 

Set a Finish Time

Setting a specific time for when to call it quits for the day can impact how productive you are and how efficiently you work during the day. Having an exact finish time gives you a deadline to work towards and is likely to inspire you to focus more in order to get tasks completed by the end of the working day.

Once you have reached your finish time, it’s important to shut your laptop and put it away. You don’t want to overwork yourself and burn out your productivity. Rest and relaxation is important for maintaining a focused daily routine, so switching off after you have finished work for the day is highly recommended. It’s also likely that you have been sat on your laptop all day, so this can now be a good opportunity to get out and stretch those legs! 

Discuss Boundaries with Other People in the House

If you are working from home and living with other people, it’s important to discuss boundaries which will allow you to not get distracted and maintain focus. Having separate spaces whilst you are working is a good idea, because if you are working in the same area as someone else it is likely you will end up distracting each other.

Of course, it is recommended that you don’t go the entire day without social interaction as this is important! However, be sure to set clear boundaries so you can still remain focused on your work.

Leave the House Daily!

Don’t get cabin fever! We all know the importance of being outside and getting daily exercise, and this becomes even more crucial when you are stuck inside the house all day working from home. Even if you only have time to go for a short walk, be sure you get outside and exercise whilst getting some vitamin D from the sun (if there is any). Having a break from your work will also allow you regain mental focus for when you return and will result in more productivity.

Hopefully things will start to regain normality soon, but if you are working from home in the meantime, try using some of these tips to boost your productivity throughout the day. 

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