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Prescribed by Mother Nature

Exploring the power of Mother Nature  What do you do when you have a cold, or can feel the start...

5 Habits to Build Into Your Routine Which Will Boost Immunity

Key principles for a healthy life     With health and wellness such prominent buzzwords these days, you may be...

Recession Essential: Manuka Honey

With the rising cost of living hitting the headlines every day, and price hikes across both retail goods and household...

Manuka Honey for Sore Throats & Coughs: Does It Work & At What Strength?

At a time of year when the common cold truly lives up to its name, reaching for the medicine cabinet is an instinctive reaction. Could honey also be part of your natural winter wellness toolkit?

MGO vs. UMF: Your Guide To Two Popular Manuka Honey Rating Systems

Trying to choose the perfect manuka honey product? You might’ve come across ‘MGO’ and ‘UMF’ — both used to rate and grade manuka honey. What, precisely, do they mean? How do they compare?

Drops, Lip Balm, Toothpaste: Your Guide To Interesting Manuka Honey Products

How do you get your fix of manuka honey’s magic? From a jar, we’ll wager… but did you know that there are many other types of unique, interesting — and even unusual — manuka honey products to choose from?