Prescribed by Mother Nature
Friday, 14 April, 2023

Prescribed by Mother Nature

Exploring the power of Mother Nature 

What do you do when you have a cold, or can feel the start of a tickle resting in your throat?

Are you someone who reaches straight for the medicine cabinet, or are you open to the more natural remedies as prescribed and recommended by generations gone by?

Here at Manuka Health, we are strong advocates for the power of Mother Nature – with sunlight, fresh air, and Manuka honey up there among the most potent and effective natural remedies available to us. And heres why.


The power of Mother Nature

Its a sign of the effectiveness of natural remedies, that humans have managed to overcome winter illnesses every year since the beginning of time – long before antibiotics and other more modern solutions came into existence. And while there are no doubt illnesses, diseases, and viruses which have appeared and worsened throughout the history of mankind, it is testament to the effectiveness of mother natures most natural remedies that we are still standing strong today.


Manuka honey as a remedy

Honey, particularly the more exclusive and high quality Manuka honey, is natures prescription for winter illness – contributing towards your overall health and wellbeing and helping to soothe the symptoms of a sore throat within minutes.

In fact, honey has become so widely recognised as an effective remedy or relief for sore throats and other winter illnesses, that it is now being medically prescribed as a first port of call before antibiotics and other treatments – with doctors citing honey as containing some of the key components for relieving cough symptoms (for those over 12 months of age).


The Manuka Health difference

Derived exclusively from New Zealand, which is the only natural producer of Manuka honey owing to the Manuka plant which only grows on New Zealand soil, Manuka honey is a limited product in more ways than one – and here at Manuka Health, we celebrate that fact as part and parcel of what makes our products so unique and special.

No brand goes further than we do when it comes to ensuring the best, most premium products are available to all our customers. Manuka Health honey is extracted from nectar produced by the bees, using a slow churn process which locks all the goodness into the honey. The natural level of Methylglyoxal, a compound known as MGO, is what sets quality Manuka honey apart from the substandard products on the market, with our range all certified as containing at least 400mg/kg of honey.

In addition to this, at Manuka Health we recognise the importance of sustainability in nature, not only protecting our own producers but safeguarding the future of Mother Natures most potent, effective, and valuable assets and remedies. Thats why all of our systems and processes are operated with maximum sustainability in mind, positioning and placing each hives for optimum efficiency and health of the bees, with year-round care by experienced beekeepers to keep the hives running, operating, and protected.

Once the honey is ready to be extracted, we process, and bottle the honey is our own unique facility – ensuring each and every one of the Manuka honeys natural properties. This, aside from the rich flavour and smooth texture, is what makes Manuka Health honey different – and so much better. A real asset from the medicine cupboard of Mother Nature herself.

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