Recession Essential: Manuka Honey
Tuesday, 31 January, 2023

Recession Essential: Manuka Honey

With the rising cost of living hitting the headlines every day, and price hikes across both retail goods and household bills seeming to be on a never-ending upwards trajectory, you may find that you are starting to see certain goods and products as unaffordable luxuries. And here at Manuka Health, wed be the first to agree with you.

Which is why, when it comes to sorting through the luxuries from the essentials, we believe its important to consider not just the cost but the value of each product on your shelves or in your cupboards.

Make-up, for example, is a luxury designed to paint over imperfections. Sugar is a luxury that we add to tea and to desserts, while throat sweets move from essential to unnecessary the moment a cough or cold starts to clear.

As for Manuka honey… well, that covers a multitude of uses, including rectifying all of the above concerns and delivering excellent value in every drop. Heres why Manuka honey is one essential item that you shouldnt cross off your list.


The all-rounder your household needs

Manuka honey does the job that a selection of other products are designed to do, doubling up as a natural sweetener, an effective face mask, and a soothing ingredient to help combat the effects of a cough or cold (ideal during the winter months).

And it doesnt end there. As a natural remedy that has been used around the world for hundreds if not thousands of years, Manuka honey does a lot more than smooth the skin and sweeten your tea.

Manuka honey is as much a part of the health food market as it is an ingredient that can be found in your local supermarket, with its expansive history and links to health and wellness making it a staple in the cupboards of customers and consumers from all walks of life.

Best of all, it doesnt have to cost a fortune.


The cost vs the value of Manuka honey

Yes, Manuka honey is renowned as being one of the most expensive natural products in the health and wellness food market – but with so many uses attributed to the product, it can be stated that the value of Manuka honey is far higher than many of the other products deemed by retailers to be essential.

When you add Manuka honey to your shopping list, you tick a multitude of boxes – and you have a range of different products to choose for depending on your budget, thanks to the Manuka Health range.

From Manuka honey drops for regulated consumption, to Manuka honey in its rawest format for sweet indulgence, through to the range of capsules and spray developed by our team of Manuka honey enthusiasts and experts, we transform the finest ingredient derived from New Zealand into products built for the everyday.

Your health shouldnt be defined as a luxury. With Manuka honey, you can enjoy a premium natural product which supports your health and wellbeing, and which adds a little luxurious sweetness to your tea or breakfast.

Want to learn more about the range of products offered my Manuka Health? Browse our website and explore our full range.

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