Drops, Lip Balm, Toothpaste: Your Guide To Interesting Manuka Honey Products
Friday, 04 March, 2022

Drops, Lip Balm, Toothpaste: Your Guide To Interesting Manuka Honey Products

How do you get your fix of manuka honey’s magic? From a jar, we’ll wager… but did you know that there are many other types of unique, interesting — and even unusual — manuka honey products to choose from?

For the uninitiated, manuka honey contains a special natural compound called methylglyoxal (MGO), setting it apart from regular honey. The wellness benefits of this substance have certainly got people talking.

Just like with normal honey, many people enjoy this gloopy golden goodness on their breakfast, in their baked treats or stirred into their tea. But are you aware of some of the other manuka honey products out there?

Drops (or lozenges) — in a variety of flavours

Honey is a ‘demaculent’, which means it coats the throat and helps to relieve soreness and irritation that leads to coughing. In fact, it’s even recommended by Public Health England as a first line of defence for a cough.

So, for those looking to soothe a sore throat, a convenient, simple way to take honey just makes complete sense, doesn’t it?

Behold — manuka honey drops! With an MGO rating of 400+ and an added boost of vitamin C — these drops are a great way of helping to beat the tickle, providing a convenient dose of that all-important MGO goodness throughout the day.

What’s more, within the Mānuka Health range, there are a number of different flavours on offer… choose from blackcurrant, ginger and lemon, lemon and honey and propolis. All are available in packs 15 — so why not grab a few and see which is your favourite? Once you’re sure, larger packs, each containing 58 drops, are also available.

Each drop is 100% genuine and tested to contain at least 400mg of MGO per kg — which explains the MGO400+ red double hex on the packaging; a manuka honey rating that guarantees 100% genuine, MGO-packed manuka honey.

Wound honey

Now this could make an interesting, unique addition to your medicine cabinet! If you’re up to date on the magic of manuka, you’ll know that it has some very noteworthy properties, something some scientists have attributed to its MGO content.

It should come as no surprise to see these wound-healing properties of Manuka Health’s 100% medical grade, antibacterial manuka wound honey. The product works to cleanse, protect and help to heal any cuts, abrasions, minor burns, or slow-healing wounds.

It is sterilised for safe use on broken skin and open wounds, spreading easily and simply.

On-the-go snap packs

As amazing as manuka honey is straight from the jar, sometimes it can be a bit messy, let alone difficult to transport. Put it this way — you might get some strange looks when pulling out a jar of honey when on the bus, sitting at your office desk or working out at the gym…

Fortunately, product manufacturers have come up with an innovative little solution — on-the-go manuka honey snap packs. As well as slipping easily into your pocket, handbag, rucksack or gym bag, they’re a simple way to get your manuka fix — just snap and squeeze.

With MGO100+, they taste fantastic and provide a convenient MGO wellness kick, wherever you are.

Throat spray

Another convenient new product is manuka honey spray — a key weapon in many people’s winter wellness toolbox. A couple of sprays at regular intervals will work wonders, especially given the MGO400+ certification the product carries. It’s packing a whole lot of manuka magic.

Lip balm

The magic combination of bee and plant magic in a twisty tube… it just makes sense, doesn’t it? Especially when you consider the benefits manuka honey can have for skin. 

This is one that’s perfect for your pocket during winter — perhaps more aptly known as chapped lip season. Just apply it once every couple of hours to keep your lips moisturised and smooth.

Mānuka Health’s lip balm contains MGO250+ manuka honey, ensuring your lips get a hearty dose of wellness-working methylglyoxal.


Perhaps one of the more unusual manuka honey products, but one that has more than piqued many people’s interest — manuka honey toothpaste. It’s usefulness in oral health and care has attracted a lot of attention.

Now, you probably don’t need us to provide any top tips on how to use this product — just do as you would with any other type of toothpaste… a pea-sized amount on a toothbrush (ideally after flossing, of course!).

As well as containing manuka oil, Mānuka Health’s manuka honey toothpaste boasts propolis and MGO400+ honey — meaning that it has been tested to contain at least 400mg of magical methylglyoxal per kg. With no chemical extras, artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives, this is as natural a toothpaste as we reckon you’re going to get…

Mānuka Health: for the latest in new, unique & 100% genuine manuka honey products

At Inspired Health, we’re the official UK hub for a range of leading wellness brands which, in case you hadn’t already guessed, includes Mānuka Health.

Explore their full range of rigorously-tested, 100% genuine manuka honey products — which of course includes jars of varying strengths as well as all those products mentioned in this blog. Each has a simple MGO rating to show you the minimum amount of methylglyoxal they contain.

Looking to learn more about manuka honey? Why is it so expensive? How should I use it? What are the benefits? If so, head over to The Hive — our hub of expert insights about the magic of manuka.

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