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Prescribed by Mother Nature

Exploring the power of Mother Nature  What do you do when you have a cold, or can feel the start...

Recession Essential: Manuka Honey

With the rising cost of living hitting the headlines every day, and price hikes across both retail goods and household...

Drops, Lip Balm, Toothpaste: Your Guide To Interesting Manuka Honey Products

How do you get your fix of manuka honey’s magic? From a jar, we’ll wager… but did you know that there are many other types of unique, interesting — and even unusual — manuka honey products to choose from?

The History & Story Behind Manuka Honey

For wellness, skincare and so much more, manuka honey is now celebrated as one of nature’s unique little gifts. But the magic properties of the manuka plan are no new discovery — the plant itself was a staple of Maori traditions.

Manuka Honey & The Health Benefits

Manuka honey isn’t just your usual honey. Sure, it’s sweet, gloopy and tastes delicious on your porridge or cereal — but manuka honey has additional special properties that provide interesting, surprising health benefits.