Why Kids Love Manuka Health Honey
Monday, 04 December, 2023

Why Kids Love Manuka Health Honey

Have you ever tried to give your kids a supplement, or feed them something healthy, and found that they resist even the most delicious of natural treats? From getting their important five a day to ensuring that they have access to all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients which make up a balanced diet, it can sometimes feel like kids resist for the sake of it and make mealtimes difficult.

As parents, we understand the need to make nutrition not only accessible and delicious but also fun for kids to get involved in. Which is where Manuka Health Honey comes in.

Whether drizzled on cereal or spread on toast; taken as a spoonful or mixed into a delicious dessert, Manuka Health Honey offers all the sweetness they crave – while concealing many properties and good things that we, as adults, know they need.

Here are just a few reasons why kids love Manuka Health Honey as much, if not more than, adults.


It’s tasty

Kids like to eat things that they find delicious. If they don’t find something tasty, then they almost certainly won’t eat it, and you’ll find that it ends up hidden somewhere in your home or simply splattered on the floor.

Manuka Health Honey tastes great. So, unlike many other healthy foods which don't have an appealing taste for children, it should prove no challenge at all to introduce this delicious product into their regular routine.


It’s interactive

Provided you supervise to ensure that they don’t take too much of the good stuff, Manuka Health Honey is a super interactive ingredient which can be added to pretty much anything. Best of all, it is so flexible that you can let your kids do their own topping and drizzle honey over their own breakfast, safe in the knowledge that the treat they’re helping themselves to is good for them.


It’s soothing

Even kids know a good cure for sore throats and illness when they see one, with the super soothing properties of Manuka Health Honey making this an instant winner.

You’ll find that the fussiest children are happy to have a spoonful of honey when it’s this effective at soothing a sore throat or bad cough.


Why Manuka Health Honey is a must have

So, we’ve passed the taste test, explored the independence of adding their own honey to food, and shared the benefits of Manuka Health Honey in light of ill health.

But what else do you need to know about Manuka Health Honey? Not only is it packed full of beneficial properties, but it also supports wound healing and can be lathered on wounds as a 100% natural remedy – a better alternative to the chemical-filled creams and lotions advertised on the market.

While Manuka Health Honey is not suitable for babies or infants under the age of 1 year, this is a product that is well worth adding to your kitchen (and your medicine cabinet).

Visit our website for more information on this and our various other Manuka Health products.

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