Summer Health To Do List
Monday, 18 April, 2022

Summer Health To Do List

If there’s one thing that summer is great for, it’s getting out and about and really focusing on both your mental and physical wellbeing through some time spent outside.



Wellness has become somewhat of a trending topic for the 21st century, with endless articles, blogs posts, and resources out there which offer advice and guidance on how best to enhance your wellbeing all year round, and with all manner of products and investments.

Here at Inspired Health, we wanted to share some of our top ideas and tips for summer health, with activities to try, lifestyle changes to consider, and some ingredients that you should start including in your diet to optimise your summer health.


Activities to try

From activities for the whole family to try, to individual lifestyle changes which can help optimise your health this summer, the following collection of activities and ideas are for all ages, budgets, and backgrounds.

  • Relax outside instead of inside. This is such an easy change to make, simply moving your rest time from the sofa inside to a chair or patch of grass outside. Breathing in fresh air, getting a hit of vitamin D from the sun, and simply spending time in nature - all great for your mental health.
  • Look for seasonal, local produce. A farmer’s market is a great place to get inspired by all the local goods that are being produced in your area - not to mention it makes a great day out for kids.
  • Go for a walk. There are so many benefits that come with walking, both from a mental perspective and a physical perspective. In fact, we’ve got a whole blog post on the power and importance of walking, so check that out if you need a little extra inspiration!
  • Tidy one space at a time. Moving indoors, if you decide that this is the summer where you’ll sort your home out and indulge in a deep clean, rather than overwhelming yourself with the whole house in one go, separate it into smaller spaces. Tackling each area in an order, and completing small segments, will give you a better sense of achievement.
  • Make a playlist which encourages you to feel good and get out and about.
  • Try a new exercise. We don’t need to tell you how important exercise is to both your physical and mental wellbeing but trying a new exercise can reignite a passion and excitement for exercise which helps to carry you through the summer months.
  • Get involved in your community. A big part of wellness, especially mental wellness, is surrounding yourself with positive, like minded people. From joining a club to getting involved in a community project, having an active social life can do wonders for your positivity.
  • Practice mindfulness and gratitude. So often overlooked, when you take the time to really focus on relaxing and exercise the art of gratitude, you ground yourself in the good things about your life and allow yourself to focus on what you want most.
  • Go exploring in a new area. Surrounding yourself with a new environment is a great way to exercise some of your creative energy.
  • Complete a needs assessment. This is something which can help you to identify changes you want or need to make that will better your physical or mental state - encouraging you to face the areas that you find difficult and ask yourself what you could do better next time. Completing this on a weekly basis will create consistency and will give you a way of looking back at how far you’ve come.
  • Reconnect with someone. Whether you pick up the phone or go and visit an old friend or family member, spending time with people who know you is a great way to recognise how far you’ve come.


Ingredients to add to your diet

Summer is a great time to add more fruit and vegetables to your diet, with the warmer weather inspiring many of us to embrace raw food and colourful dishes. But if you find yourself adding all of the above activities to your summer to-do list, you might find it useful to have a few supplemental backups in your cupboard to really optimise your body’s functions and energy levels.

Here at Inspired Health we offer a range of wellness products which all promote and optimise your body’s natural energy levels - featuring a range of ingredients as explored in this blog post. 

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