Our Favourite Low or No Alcohol Spirits
Monday, 01 February, 2021

Our Favourite Low or No Alcohol Spirits

Did dry January not quite go as planned? Not to worry, we failed as well and broke the rules a couple of times! Rather than throw in the towel, we're going to go again for February; hopefully this will give you the inspiration to join us.

This time, rather than fully tee total, we are going to concentrate on only allowing ourselves to drink low or no alcohol alternatives. If you want to join us whilst we try again this dry (ish) February and need some inspiration for alternative drinks, then read on as we suggest some of the best! 

Why Drink Low or No Alcoholic Drinks?

Whilst going through a tough period, as a lot of us currently are, it can be tempting to indulge in all the things that are typically classed as bad for our health; chocolate, cakes, alochol, you know all the good stuff, but it is important to look after ourselves now more than ever.

Choosing to take a break from or limiting your alcohol consumption by drinking low or no-alcoholic drinks as an alternative could give you a range of benefits. For one, alcohol is known to negatively affect the quality of your sleep, so drinking low or non-alcoholic alternatives can help you to sleep better. Alcoholic drinks can also impact your health in a number of other ways, both physically and mentally.

Low or non-alcoholic drinks are typically lower in calories and also pose a much lower risk to developing serious diseases when compared to normal alcohol consumption.

I know what you're thinking you've tried low alcohol before and it was rubbish. Well it's time to try again. There are some great low or non-alcoholic spirits available now, so here is our list of favourites to provide you with some brilliant alternatives to your favourite tipple.


Caleno is a tropical inspired non-alcoholic spirit brand that has two different types of spirits available. With the choice of either a light and zesty blend or a dark and spicy blend, Canelo has something to suit most tastes. Although it’s looking unlikely that we’ll be able to lounge around on a tropical island beach anytime soon, the feel-good vibe of this non-alcoholic spirit can hopefully provide a taste of relaxation.


If you are looking for a non-alcoholic spirit that contains organically certified ingredients, Pentire might be the drink of choice for you. Pentire tries to embody the experience of the coastline with a taste that is ‘herbaceous and fresh’ and a drink that contains sea rosemary, rock samphire and sage mixed with a hint of citrus and sea salt. If you are missing trips to the seaside, Pentire could be what you are looking for!


Seedlip pride themselves on providing the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirits. Seedlip have a range of drinks available that are all made from nature. Their selection includes Seedlip Spice 94, Seedlip Garden and Seedlip Grove, with tastes ranging from fresh and herbal to citric. If you are craving a cocktail and are wanting to try out some new drinks, you can use Seedlip spirits as an alternative to traditional alcohol to create refreshing non-alcoholic cocktails 


Gin, whisky, or even absinthe, whatever your drink of choice may be - Lyre’s have a classy low or non-alcoholic alternative. If you are just trying to cut down on your alcohol consumption, there are spirits available with low alcohol content. Lyre’s are a vegan friendly brand, so all their non-alcoholic spirits come from natural sources which can make for a healthier drink. 

Clean Co

Are you a gin lover but wanting to cut down your intake? Clean Co offer a specialised low alcoholic gin that contains just 1.2% ABV. Clean Co is a much cleaner drink choice if you are trying to look after your wellbeing. The gin is low in calories with servings containing as little as 13 calories whilst also being vegan friendly as well as gluten and lactose free. In addition to the gin, Clean Co also offer a low alcoholic rum as well as canned cocktails.

Three Spirits

As stated by their brand name, Three Spirits offer three different types of non-alcoholic drinks, each with their own unique taste. Livener, Social Elixir and Nightcap are the name of their three choices and each of them are plant based and non-alcoholic. Interestingly, Three Spirits drinks contain active compounds from plants that can allegedly emulate the positive feelings and effects of regular alcohol. 

Cutting out alcohol or limiting your intake can have a significant impact on your mental wellbeing as well as your physical health. If you are feeling disappointed that you broke the rules of dry January, don’t be discouraged as you can try again this month, but this time turn to a low or non-alcoholic spirit if you are wanting to have a drink! 

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