New Zealand Mānuka Honey: Nurtured From Hive to Home
Monday, 14 November, 2022

New Zealand Mānuka Honey: Nurtured From Hive to Home

An insight into what makes our Mānuka honey different



Mānuka honey from New Zealand is recognised as being one of the highest value food products in the world – not to mention one of the best for us in terms of its natural benefits, combining the power of nature with that of science and biology.

Of course, what makes Mānuka honey different isnt just that it is exclusively produced by bees who feed on and collect the nectar from the Mānuka plant in New Zealand, or that this plant is renowned for its healing properties and links to ancient medicine among local tribes and communities for generations.

What makes our Mānuka honey different is the way it is packaged and sold by our producers – working with the bees, rather than simply stripping honey away from them, to ensure a nurturing cycle of sustainability and harmony between nature and science.


The Mānuka Health mission

Here at Mānuka Health, we are driven by our mission to reconnect nature with consumers, and to empower people to operate at their natural best every day, with the help of high quality, nutrient-dense products.

With an eye on consumer demands, and an ear to the sustainability of our bees and our environment, we consider ourselves guardians of both the land and what it produces – ensuring that every product is made with sustainability in mind, so that we can continue to provide our customers with the products that support their own health and wellbeing every day.


Introducing the Bee Health program

When it comes to producing the finest Mānuka honey for our customers, we understand that we get out what we put in – both in terms of effort, nurture, and care.

The Bee Health program is a means through which we position and place our hives for optimum efficiency and health of the bees, with year-round care by experienced beekeepers to keep the hives running, operating, and protected.

Once the honey is ready to be extracted, we extract, process, and bottle the honey is our own unique facility – ensuring and protecting the sanctity of the Mānuka honeys natural properties. This, aside from the rich flavour and smooth texture, is what makes Mānuka Health honey different – and so much better.


Why Mānuka Health?

Nurture is a key word that we use here at Mānuka Health – not just in relation to the products we produce and the customers that we serve, but also in relation to the bees who produce the honey, and the plants that give Mānuka honey its special properties.

As leaders in the science behind Mānuka honey, our understanding of the product combines ancient traditions and medicinal use, with scientific testing to ensure that every jar meets our standards in terms of purity, quality, and natural MGO content.

*MGO content refers to Methylglyoxal, which proves the antibacterial effect of the honey.

With products sold in more than 45 countries, Mānuka Health is a leading supplier of Mānuka honey for consumers of all ages and from all walks of life – with straight jarred honey, honey drops, wound honey, and other products to help promote health, wellbeing, and healing.

For more information on the Mānuka Health range of products, and to find out how our Mānuka honey is transitioned from the New Zealand Mānuka plant to the jars on your shelf at home, explore our product pages and informative blog.

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