National Eye Health Week is fast approaching...
Tuesday, 16 August, 2022

National Eye Health Week is fast approaching...

National Eye Health Week is fast approaching...



The week of 19th – 25th September 2022 marks what is known across the UK as National Eye Health week. And while this puts a significant spotlight on the work of opticians and eye health specialists across the medical sector, there are other industries which should be using this week as a chance to promote the importance of everyday eye care and eye health maintenance actions.

One of those industries is the supplements sector, with Inspired Health just one such brand which offers a range of products tailored towards eye health and the maintenance of healthy vision.

So, how can we embrace the influence of national eye health week and use it to spotlight the importance of overall health in safeguarding and nurturing good eye health?


The importance of maintaining eye health

When you focus on other areas of your health and wellbeing, you allow your eyes to be protected from potentially harmful diseases, from damage, and from the impact of poor diet and lack of physical protection.

From maintaining a healthy diet to getting out and about for regular exercise, through to making sure that you wear goggles when around harmful chemicals and UV rays from the sun, there are a number of steps you can take to protect your eyes. One of those is taking the right supplements, giving your body access to the nutrients and vitamins it needs to keep your vision intact and supporting the overall health of your eyes.


Eye-supporting products available from Inspired Health

At Inspired Health we have a range of products which are geared towards eye health, and which should be considered as part of an overarching strategy for maintaining the health and wellbeing of the eyes.


One Nutrition Macu Complete

A food supplement which is taken via one capsule a day, Macu Complete is a multi-nutrient which helps to support vision and overall eye health. 

Containing the following components and nutrients, Macu Complete is an all-in-one approach to eye health which is designed for adults:

  • Lutein, which protects eye tissue from sun damage
  • Zinc, Vitamin B2, and Omega 3, which contribute to normal vision
  • Vitamin C and Copper Gluconate, protecting the eyes from oxidative stress
  • EVTene mixed carotenoids, which increases the potency of Vitamin A for maintained eye health

The dosage of each of these nutrients and components, as well as additional ingredients in Macu Complete, makes it an effective all-in-one approach to help support eye health.


New Nordic Blue Berry

A new product on the UK market, this tablet-based supplement is taken on a daily basis and comes directly from the Swedish health food market.

Made from blueberries and a host of other ingredients, the New Nordic Blue Berry product provides a 10mg hit of Lutein to the body every day – with the ideal dosage being two tablets per day to protect and safeguard your vision, as well as contribute towards overall eye health.


Eye Logic Liposomal Eye Spray

An effective reliever from dry and gritty eyes, this is the ultimate go-to for those who wear contact lenses, who find tiredness from screen time or environmental factors impacting their vision, or simply those who want to maintain healthy and well hydrated eyes without the hassle of eye drops.

This spray can be sprayed directly onto closed eyes from a distance of 10cm (or 20cm if wearing makeup) and is an effective solution for those who find eye drops and gels difficult to manage. Its main aim is to reinforce the natural oils which protect the tear film which sits over the eye itself – reducing the evaporation rate from the eye and thus keeping eyes more hydrated naturally and without discomfort.


Eye Logic Liposomal Eye Drops

The original eye protection solution, eye drops are not the perfect option for everyone however they are often the most effective in giving your eyes immediate relief from dryness and the grit which comes from environmental factors, excessive screen time, or tiredness.

These eye drops are designed for use as required, as they nurture and help to reinstate the oily layer on top of the eyes film to keep it lubricated and comfortable. Not only does this make the eye drops an immediate solution to the effects of dry eye, but it also means that they are an effective maintenance product for ongoing eye health.


The Takeaway

With National Eye Health Week soon approaching, now is the perfect time to consider how some of the above products and ideas could help you to safeguard your eye health and your vision. 

More details for each of these four products can be found on their respective product pages within the Inspired Health website.

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