Make Mine Milk....
Saturday, 23 May, 2020

Make Mine Milk....

Dairy elimination has been linked to the improvement of IBS, eczema, migraines and acne so it comes as no surprise that more and more of us are choosing to eliminate diary from our diet.

This increased demand has seen an array of alternative products to cow’s milk hit the shelves, including soya, almond, rice and oat milks. But what if you could benefit from a less expensive, better tasting, 100 per cent natural and sustainable alternative to store bought?

Sensitivities explained
These days there are a number of food types that people find they are reacting to, which can result in a range of uncomfortable digestive complaints. Amongst the most common are:

Lactose intolerance: This is a reaction to lactose, one of the primary sugars found in cow's milk.
Milk allergy: An allergy to casein, one of the primary proteins found in cow's milk.

Both lactose and casein are added to a wide variety of foods for flavour, emulsification, texture, and protein supplementation. Whether you are lactose intolerant, have a milk allergy or are simply eliminating diary for other health reasons you don’t need to buy your non-diary milks from the store - you could always get creative in the kitchen. Making your own milk at home is easy, plus you have full control as to what you are consuming - a lot of dairy substitutes use thickeners and artificial ingredients that are not necessary.

Below is a simple recipe for making your own milk at home using a nut bag, but for those of you who would prefer a quicker, hassle free alternative look no further than the Tribest Soyabella Milk Maker. This one pot wonder offers a better tasting, 100 per cent natural alternative to store bought milk substitutes in just minutes. Simply add soaked soya beans and water to get fresh soya milk in about 15 minutes. For raw-vegans, it can make amazing raw almond milk, cashew milk, and other nut milks in as little as 30 seconds. You can also quickly make a variety of delicious soups or porridge, as well as milk from a variety of beans and grains. For more details visit the Soyabella page.

Home Made Nut/Seed Milk
2 cups nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, or brazil nuts), soaked overnight
OR 1½ cups seeds (sunflower, hemp or poppy seeds), soaked overnight
6 cups pure water
5 pitted dates
¼ tsp Himalayan salt
Blend everything on until the seeds are properly broken down. Strain the mixture into another jug or bowl through a nut bag. Transfer to the fridge where the milk will keep for up to 5 days. It will separate however, so simply stir it.
Tip: Apart from the remains left from hard shelled seeds, such as poppy seeds or hempseeds, you can use the pulp left inside the nut bag for cookie, cake and cracker recipes.

Recipe by Tanya Maher; wellness coach and a renowned raw food and detox expert

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