Loved & Trusted: Udo’s Choice
Thursday, 13 January, 2022

Loved & Trusted: Udo’s Choice

When people look for supplements, they are looking to buy effective products that are long lasting and high quality. Many supplement brands come and go, but Udo’s Choice has been a loved and trusted supplement brand in the UK for over 25 years. The question is, how has Udo’s Choice managed to establish itself and maintain its reputation for so long?


The Heritage of Udo’s Choice

Having been developed by Udo Erasmus, an industry expert in nutrition, the Udo’s Choice range consists of products that tackle four of the most neglected areas of nutrition in western diets, including essential healthy fats, greens, microbiotics, and digestive enzymes.

Udo’s Choice have been available since 1996  in the UK and are committed to using premium ingredients with no unnecessary fillers or artificial ingredients. Udo’s always strive to create perfect remedies of maximum purity, quality, and potency by using state of the art processing equipment and unique manufacturing methods – all resulting in the best quality products.


Quality Guaranteed

One of the main reasons why Udo’s Choice is loved and trusted as a brand is because the entire product range is guaranteed high quality. Many products in the Udo’s Choice range are internationally recognised and have won awards for their quality, one of which is the Super 8 Microbiotics .

Another quality aspect of Udo’s Choice products is the amber glass packaging that most of the supplements are presented in. The microbiotics, digestive enzymes, and healthy oil blends are all kept in amber glass, which protects the supplements from any light damage and makes them last longer.

Udo’s Choice Oil Ultimate Blend and Beyond Greens are popular with people following a plant-based diet because they are officially vegan certified. This means they have been recognised by The Vegan Society, and each product will have the trademark located on the packaging to prove the certification. Udo’s recognise the importance of organic plant-based supplements and prefer to use  organic ingredients.


Udo’s Choice products are widely available in a variety of places, both online and offline. Many health stores and pharmacies choose to stock Udo’s Choice because of the positive reputation and how trusted the brand is. The ranges are also widely available online through retailers such as Amazon as well as through Udo’s Choice own website.

As we move into 2022, Udo’s Choice plan on expanding the range with new and improved products, further increasing the availability of plant-based, organic, high-quality supplements. Having been around since 1996, Udo’s Choice is looking to continue growing and providing more supplements to people who want to support their health and wellbeing.

If you’ve been looking for a trustworthy and organic source of supplements to help support your diet and lifestyle – look no further than Udo’s Choice. Whether you are looking to support your gut health through probiotics, or are wanting to ensure you keep up the required intake of healthy fatty acids, the Udo’s Choice range has you covered.

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