Joint Mobility and Flexibility
Thursday, 21 July, 2022

Joint Mobility and Flexibility

How to maintain joint mobility and flexibility as we age.

Almost everyone will remember a day when they could stand up, reach forward, or bend down without groaning, moaning, and creaking (often in more places than one!)

With that said, how many of us can say that we still enjoy high levels of joint mobility and flexibility as we move into adulthood and beyond? The fact is a loss of mobility and flexibility seems to have become a part of life as we know it and is associated with ageing – gracefully or otherwise. But does it really have to be?

What is joint mobility and flexibility – and why have I lost it?

Mobility and flexibility are both linked with the body’s ability to function and move properly – but they are not the same thing. If a joint is mobile, then it is able to move freely through its complete range of motion. Flexibility, meanwhile, is about the ability of your body’s tissues to elongate into certain moves and stretches – letting the body complete certain movements without pain or discomfort.

To look at the two together, mobility is what allows you to utilise your flexibility to its maximum potential – and you can be mobile without being highly flexible.

Though often overlooked in favour of diet and exercise when it comes to being fit and healthy, stretches and moves which enhance your mobility and flexibility form an integral part of long term health and wellness as well as overall fitness. After all, running on stiff knees and exercising tight and inflexible muscles can do debilitating damage and lead to more discomfort and pain.

And while soft tissue work, stretching, and light exercise are all key components in supporting your range of motion, and improving the flexibility and movement of your joints, there are other ways that you can support your body’s ability to function and move.

Introducing Inspired Health’s collection of joint-supporting supplements

The following supplements and products contain various ingredients and superfoods which support a healthy body, range of movement, and mindset.

Cleanmarine Krill Oil

A popular and sustainable alternative to oily fish, Cleanmarine’s Krill Oil is built around the importance of omega 3s in maintaining a healthy brain, heart and blood pressure.

Containing two of the major fatty acids that your body needs (DHA and EPA), omega 3 is often sold as a brain and cognitive support nutrient, though it also supports normal function of the heart, blood pressure, and vision. 

This supplement delivers all that and more in a convenient one-capsule-a-day solution.

One Nutrition Turmeric Max

Turmeric isn’t just a potent spice popular for its flavour infusion in Indian food – it also contains an active ingredient called ‘curcumin’ which is often used as a dietary supplement. One Nutrition Turmeric Max boasts numerous health-supporting properties and is considerably more bioavailable than standard turmeric.

Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend

A popular source of omegas 3, 6, and 9, this ultimate oil blend can be added to food as an ingredient and delivers a potent hit of the “good” fats which leave your body looking and feeling great - from skin hydration to the health of your hair and nails. 

Recognised for its individual components, the Ultimate Oil Blend contains Alpha-Linolenic Acid and Linolenic Acid, both of which contribute to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels for optimal health.

One Nutrition Joint Factor

Our go-to joint health supplement, which combines a life of potent ingredients carefully selected to contribute to the maintenance of normal bones, normal muscle function, and normal function of the immune system. 

The vitamin D present in One Nutrition’s Joint Factor is especially prevalent in its importance for recovery and joint health, while the vitamin C contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism, the function of the immune system, and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

One Nutrition Co-Q10

Q10 is present in and supports the motion of every cell in the body. Because of this, Q10 is an effective supplement required by ageing individuals, as the body starts to slow its natural production – with One Nutrition Co-Q10 here to take on the hard work and keep the body operating to maximum efficiency.

Available as an oral spray and in capsule format, our Q10 formula is accessible as part of your everyday routine to support all-round health. 

You can find more information about each of these products by exploring the Inspired Health website and be sure to dive deep into our blog for more useful articles to help you on your journey towards optimal health.

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