Immunity Red Flags and What to Do About Them
Monday, 04 December, 2023

Immunity Red Flags and What to Do About Them

How do you know when your immune system isn’t working at its optimal level?

We all know what it feels like when our bodies are run down, overtired, or not getting the nutrients they need in order to thrive. It’s at times like this when we start to get ill, feel tired, and become overwhelmed by everyday occurrences and routines.

In short, these are all signs that your body needs to hit the reset button and establish a better routine and lifestyle. But did you know that these are also considered to be major immunity red flags?

In this article, we’re sharing some of the most common immunity red flags and what to do about them to get yourself back on track physically and mentally.


Common immunity red flags

One of the first signs that you will notice when your immune system is down, is a heightened sense of fatigue and tiredness. Even if you feel like you are getting plenty of sleep, an inefficient immune system will leave you without energy – a fact which further exacerbates the following red flags.

A poor immune system will result in persistent and recurring illness, with your body unable to effectively recover from even the most minor of illnesses. Likewise, wounds and injuries will heal slowly if at all, and you will find that your digestive system is impacted which in turn makes it more difficult for your body to absorb all the right nutrients it needs to support health and wellbeing.


Tips to boost your immune system

Now that you know what to look out for, what should you do when any one (or all) of these symptoms and red flags appear?

The first thing to do is take a step back and reassess your routine and the amount of rest you are getting. You can eat the healthiest diet in the world and exercise every day, but if you’re overworking yourself and not getting enough rest then your body will never have time to really recover, and you will end up doing more harm than good to your immune system.

On top of getting plenty of rest, it’s important that you take steps to fight the signs of illness early – with Manuka Health Honey a potential remedy against sore throats and illness. A favourite among those who want to balance a sore throat with a soothing yet delicious remedy, Manuka honey packs a punch with its natural properties – not only soothing but also helpful to support your overall wellbeing and health.

Finally, make sure to combine your healthy diet and lifestyle with plenty of water to keep the body hydrated. The more hydrated you are, the more energy your body has to fight any infection and get rid of those red flags as quickly as possible.

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