Health Bucket List for Families
Thursday, 03 February, 2022

Health Bucket List for Families

A bucket list is typically a compilation of experiences, sights, and things that we hope and intend to do in our lifetime. With the pandemic experience of the past few years encouraging us to embrace connection and spend more time than ever before appreciating those around us, now is the best time to focus on wellbeing and health as part of your bucket list. 

In this blog post we share some of our top ideas and bucket list additions for those who want to get healthy as a family. 




Yoga became a big part of the lockdown routine for people all around the world - so why not step it up a notch and visit a yoga retreat for your next family holiday? Not only will this present an opportunity for you all to develop your understanding and ability to perform different yoga moves, but you will yourself fully immersed in the yoga mindset. Not to mention, the majority of yoga retreats are located in and around the most tranquil and stunning spots, making the perfect natural holiday experience for 2022. 

Alternatively, embrace the relaxation of yoga a little closer to home with a local class - building up your strength until you can indulge in a proper and exotic retreat. 


Get Active


This is one that many of you will have on your new year resolutions list - so why not make it something for the whole family to enjoy? One great way of getting active together is to book an outdoor adventure holiday - taking into account your individual skills and finding a trip that will match all of your preferences and expectations. 

With a selection of different active holiday companies and organisations out there, offering both summer and winter breaks, families can engage in everything from water sports to skiing, yoga, cycling, and simple walking holidays. 

Challenge Yourselves


When was the last time you all pushed yourselves outside of your comfort zone as a family? There are so many adventure and challenge options out there, both locally and internationally in more exotic locations - meaning it has never been easier to try something completely new. 

One great example is a zip wire challenge - another could be a high ropes challenge or even a race / challenge event to complete together. 

Boost Your Nutrition


It is often said that a healthy lifestyle starts and ends in the kitchen - so why not add nutrition to your bucket list and really commit to making changes to your diet for the benefit of your whole family? This could be in the form of small changes you make everyday and every week to increase your nutritional intake, or you might decide to embrace something completely different for a set period. For example, go vegan or vegetarian for a month and see how that changes your mood, energy levels, and overall health. 

You might decide to factor your newfound vegetarianism into your weekly menu plan - or you might find that it’s not for you. But the only way to know for sure is to try! 

Build Relationships


Health and wellbeing isn’t just about what you put into your body and the way you exercise - it is also about how you spend your time and nurture your mindset. If you’re looking to make relationships a core part of your new bucket list addition, think outside the box and consider ways of helping others outside of your direct family - for example, volunteering in your local community, or donating an hour or two of your time every week to a local charity. 

Explore Different Experiences 


Finally, it wouldn’t be a bucket list without something big to aim for - and that’s where new, exciting, and life changing experiences come in. It could be that month-long trip you’ve always wanted to take, a new country you’ve always wanted to visit, or a specific destination you’ve always dreamed of seeing in person.

One example of a new and exciting experience could be visiting geothermal hot springs - immersing yourself in the healing properties of one of the world’s most natural phenomenon’s. Whatever it is, exploring something new is a great way of ticking all of the above boxes - spending time building relationships and making memories as a family, while focussing on your physical and mental wellbeing. 

For more advice and tips on how to live your best life each and every day, check out the Udo's Choice blog - full of articles just like this. 

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