Feel the Extraordinary Mānuka Health Difference this Winter
Monday, 17 October, 2022

Feel the Extraordinary Mānuka Health Difference this Winter

How Mānuka products can support your health this winter and beyond



If the arrival of winter brings with it a sense of impending doom for you and your health, youre not alone. Often, the cold air is something that we subconsciously link with the arrival of cold and flu season – choosing to hibernate away from the cold rather than get out and about in the fresh, winter air.

But what if we told you that this winter, you could face the changing season head on and find a way to thrive rather than hide away and survive? Every year, we see more and more consumers reaching for Mānuka Health honey and honey drops, as they embrace this most natural of remedies. And heres why.


The power of Mānuka

Mānuka honey is recognised as one of the most expensive natural products on the health food and supplements marketplace, due to the fact that it is derived from bees who feed on the supposedly magical Mānuka plant – native only to New Zealand. 

Through a combination of its geographical exclusivity and the ancient medicinal rituals and techniques which surround the Mānuka plant and how it is used locally in New Zealand, not to mention the fact that the Mānuka plant only flowers for a very short few weeks of the year, Mānuka honey and the subsequent products are high in value and make for some of the best products on the winter market.

But why?


How Mānuka benefits you

Our Manuka Health products start with the natural surroundings which support and nurture the growth of the Mānuka plant. The land we work with boasts rich soil and plenty of sunshine, creating the ideal conditions in which Mānuka plants and trees can grow – and the bees can continue to feed, expand their colonies, and produce the honey we all depend on.

Offering so much more than just a sweet breakfast topping or a teaspoon of goodness, Mānuka honey and other products have been linked with long term health and wellbeing, making the Mānuka Health range an effective way of supporting your body from the inside, out.  


Exploring the Manuka Health range

Here at Mānuka Health our producers take the nectar created by the bees and put it through a process of slow churning, during which all the goodness from the Mānuka plant is locked into and preserved within the honey.

One important factor to note in the Mānuka Health range in particular is the proven presence of methylglyoxal, a compound known as MGO, which requires specific storage and handling conditions in order to thrive. Every Mānuka Health product is certified for natural MGO content of at least 400mg/kg of honey.

Science and nature coexist in harmony under the Mānuka Health banner, with our team taking no shortcuts and instead embracing the drawn-out process which allows us to share this winter-wonder product with the world. 

Whether youre fearful of cold and flu season, or simply want to optimise your health, wellbeing, and energy levels with the changing season, Mānuka honey – in any and every format – promotes a natural approach to health this winter. 

Find out more about why Mānuka Health is the most extraordinary, potent, delicious Mānuka honey on earth by visiting The Hive, our hub of expert insights and information about the Maori magic of Mānuka honey.

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Certified for natural methylglyoxal content (minimum 400mg/kg) - scientifically proven to be a key natural compound in Mānuka honey.

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