Eat yourself well this winter by Natasha Corrett
Friday, 23 October, 2020

Eat yourself well this winter by Natasha Corrett

Winter is the time that we get run down, the temperature drops and we just do way too much.

Winter is a natural time to hibernate.Think of the animals in the wild they sleep a lot! However the christmas season creeps up on us and we like to over indulge and push our bodies to the limit so its more important than ever to eat well and support your immune system.

One of the best things you can do every day is eat more greens! I know it sounds obvious to some but starting the day with a green smoothie packed full of leafy greens is one of the easiest ways to boost your vitamin levels naturally.

Winter is a great time to start cooking with spices like cinnamon, star anise, ginger, turmeric, which are all fantastic immune boosters. One of my favourite winter wellness drinks is turmeric, star anise, fresh ginger, squeeze of lemon and manuka honey as its fantastically warming and soothing.

If you are going to go out then make sure you nourish before and after to try and reduce the side effects of lack of sleep and de-hydration. In the winter drinking lots of water can be chilly so swap it up for herbal teas throughout the day to make sure you stay hydrated.

 When choosing your food during winter try and stay away from too much raw and uncooked food however if you want to have a salad for lunch you need to warm the furnace beforehand so start with a soup or hot drink so its easier to digest, its something that really works for me.

I am always sure to eat a lot of immune boosting foods during winter for example. Superfoods like spirulina, wheatgrass, maca, baobab, moringa, acai have higher levels then other foods and I like to put them into my green smoothie in the mornings they are packed full of energy boosting properties helping to keep you going for the day. When choosing immune boosting foods, you want to look for foods that are high in anti-oxidents. So you can also find flu fixers in every day foods like berries and spices.

Remember to rest when you can, stay hydrated, eat immune boosting foods and stay warm!

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