Amazing Omega: Krill
Tuesday, 16 August, 2022

Amazing Omega: Krill

A deep dive into krill oil and why it's such a highly acclaimed ingredient



Maintaining good overall health can often feel like a juggling act between activity and fitness, good nutrition, and ensuring that your body has access to all the vitamins and nutrients which keep your bodily functions moving nicely.

Cleanmarine is one such brand which aims to make this easier, with a range of supplements which are accessible for everyday users, and which include ingredients that support overall health and wellbeing – for example krill oil which is an excellent source of omega 3.

So, what is it about krill that makes it such a highly acclaimed supplemental ingredient ?


Why krill oil?

First and foremost, when you choose a product which is marketed as a krill oil supplement, you benefit from all those omega 3s associated with fish, but without the fishy taste. This immediately makes krill oil a great go-to for families, especially those with fussy eaters and young children dislike the taste of oily fish.

To understand the more detailed benefits of krill oil, you need to know a little about the science behind the phospholipids and the triglycerides which ensure the omega 3s received by the body are carried to and received by the right place. When you eat oily fish, the omega 3s are bound to triglycerides, whereas taking a krill oil supplement binds the omega 3s to phospholipids.

The former, which occurs when you eat oily fish, sees the oil sat atop the juices in the stomach, thus holding onto and presenting that fishy aftertaste for hours to come. The latter, which occurs when you take a quality krill oil supplement, sees the omega 3s mix well with the liquid in your stomach, thus concealing the fish taste. In addition, krill oil as a phospholipid, which mixes well with liquid in the body, is easier for the body to absorb and thus presents a more efficient and effective source of omega 3 for continued wellbeing.

And phospholipids do even more than that to give krill oil a host of benefits for the body – as explored in more detail within this blog post, which highlights the main differences between omega 3 obtained from oily fish, when compared with krill oil.


The benefits of krill oil as a supplement

Krill oil is marketed as an excellent source of omega 3s for the body. But thats not the only benefit that krill oil presents.

As well as containing omegas, krill oil is also a good source of choline and Astaxanthin – both of which are acclaimed nutrients . And when you choose krill oil in an accessible capsule format, such as those offered by Cleanmarine, you benefit from the easily digestible format which is only ever made from sustainable and traceable sources of krill.

Certified by the MSC, our krill oil is harvested sustainably and delivers fast absorption of omega 3s and other nutrients for overall health and wellbeing. 

Click here to discover more information about our krill oil products and how they can become an important part of your health and wellness routine.

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