The Rise of Home Health Testing Kits
Thursday, 15 April, 2021

The Rise of Home Health Testing Kits

We’re all a little more health-conscious now than we might have been 12 months ago, which is understandable considering the unusual circumstances of the past year. Many people are now taking more of an interest in actively managing and checking their health. However, the majority of people are unaware of vitamin and mineral deficiencies they may have which has led to an increased interesting in at-home health testing.

Despite their recent boom in popularity, home health tests aren’t an entirely new idea. For example, home pregnancy tests have been effectively used since the 1970s and tests from providers such as Clearblue are 99% accurate. Finger-prick diabetes tests are another example of home health kits that have proven successful, as they allow diabetics to conveniently check their blood sugar levels. The accuracy and convenience of these types of tests have shown that home testing kits can be effective.

Some companies such as Thriva offer a variety of different home tests which allow you to keep on top of your health maintenance. Thriva aims to put better health into the hands of people and to allow people to be more aware of what is happening inside their bodies. According to Thriva, it’s estimated that over 20% of our lives will be spent in poor health and the majority of the main causes are made up of preventable diseases.

There are a variety of different home tests available from Thriva including tests for iron, thyroid profiles, testosterone and vitamins B12, B9 and D. With access to more information and new healthcare innovations, it has become easier to stay in control of your health which can give us a better chance of being able to prevent issues from developing.

What are the Benefits of Home Testing Kits?

It’s always better to pay more attention to your health if possible and home testing kits have provided a way for people to be more mindful of their own health. If you think you might be lacking in certain nutrients, home test kits can help to highlight any potential vitamin and mineral deficiencies you may have. If you are suffering from sleep issues, feeling tired or experiencing mood swings – home health testing kits may be able to help identify what is causing the symptoms.

The tests consist of a simple finger prick and the blood samples you fill are sent off for accredited lab analysis. If you use a Thriva home kit, you can use their test prediction services whilst you are awaiting your results of the blood tests. The predicted test results can give you an indication of which vitamins and minerals you might be lacking and provide you with insights regarding your nutritional intake. You can also create and keep track of an online health plan that allows you to access evidence-based ways to improve your health. The health plan can provide you with recipe and supplement ideas that you can take to ensure you are getting the recommended amounts of nutrients.

Some people may struggle to find the time to visit their GP, whilst others may not want to attend for one reason or another. Home testing kits provide an alternative option for those people who want to understand their body better. 

Whilst it’s always worth visiting the doctors if you are worried you have a major medical issue, using home testing kits to determine whether you are lacking any vitamins and minerals can be a simple way of gathering more insights regarding your health. This type of testing can then help you make informed decisions regarding whether you should be altering your diet or taking any supplements for any nutrients you aren’t getting enough of. 

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