How Much Better is Organic Food for Gut Health?
Monday, 16 September, 2019

 How Much Better is Organic Food for Gut Health?

How Much Better is Organic Food for Gut Health?

Many people now consider eating organic foods rather than their conventional non-organic products. Organic foods are grown without pesticides, fertilizers and other synthetic additives. People often choose to switch to organic products because they believe it is a healthier and tastier option.
Fresh and natural food has been shown to be better for your gut health than processed food. The health of your gut is complex and can be affected by slight changes to your diet. It is important to know how much better organic food is for gut health before you make the switch.

Organic v Non-Organic

The distinction between organic and conventional foods is not often clear even to people who purchase organically grown food. Essentially, organic foods and products are produced through practices that are entirely natural. The lack of additives and artificial elements during production mean that organic foods may contain more nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants.
There have not been enough conclusive studies to suggest that organic foods are more beneficial to your overall health than conventional foods. Junk food will not be good for you even if it has an ‘organic’ label. Your gut will respond to the quantity and quality of the food you eat. Cultivating a healthy microbiome in your gut will involve moderating the intake of processed foods and supplementing your diet with natural sources. 
A balanced diet is preferable to a restrictive diet. But the most important element for the health of your gut is bacteria.

Diverse Bacteria

Bacteria play an essential role in keeping your insides healthy and functional. The microbes in your gut support your digestion, immune system and weight regulation. Vegetables and fruits are a great source of ‘good’ bacteria.
Low bacterial diversity of the gut is often associated with a host of health problems like inflammatory bowel disease, obesity and diabetes. A complex and diverse microbiome can be stimulated by the introduction of fresh food and health supplements.
A comparison of raw organic apples and normal apples showed that there was a greater presence of diverse bacteria and ‘good’ bacteria like Lactobacillus in the organic options.
Those leading the studies in this area suggest that while going organic can be beneficial the most important thing to consider is switching to fresh produce. Processed foods, sweets and sugary drinks can disturb the health of your gut. It is far better to focus on eating organic and nutritious options.

A Healthy Gut

Your gut health is vital to your day-to-day comfort. Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet can improve the health of your gut. Studies have shown that organic food and supplements are particularly useful at creating a healthy microbiome in your gut.
We recommend ditching unhealthy and processed foods. Nowadays there are plenty of organic options from which to choose. Your diet doesn’t have to be strict to keep your gut healthy. The inclusion of a few organic and nutritious foods and supplements can make the difference!
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