Hot Topic: Sustainable Supplements
Wednesday, 25 May, 2022

Hot Topic: Sustainable Supplements

Our commitment to sustainability



Here at Cleanmarine, our commitment to sustainability comes second only to the need for effective products for our customers - with every step of the product production process designed to reduce the impact we have on our oceans and environment.

But what does it mean to market and sell sustainable supplements, and what are we doing to make that vision a reality? In this blog post, we take you inside the walls of our brand and share our sustainability principles.


About Cleanmarine

Cleanmarine is a brand committed to designing and selling a range of supplements which support and enhance the body’s natural functions - whether specific to male or female health, children’s health, or general wellbeing.

For the purposes of this blog in particular, we are focussing on the use of krill oil, which is a naturally occurring ingredient used because of its high potency of omega 3 - up to three times more powerful and absorbable than standard forms of omega 3.

But of course, with any natural ingredient found and linked to wild creatures, there comes an argument that to harvest such oils and ingredients fast become unsustainable. That’s why we are partnered with the best and most ethical fishing company in the world to source and stock their products.


Why krill oil?

Krill oil is a powerful ingredient used in our products, which delivers the vital hit of omega 3 that so many consumers are lacking in their standard diets. With this small crustacean abundant in the waters of the Antarctic Ocean, krill is a sustainable resource to use when creating these products - however this is only true when effective and viable fishing techniques are used.

Before we get to the inner working of our sustainability drive, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of krill oil:

  • Krill is a highly rich and potent source of both omega 3 and antioxidants.
  • Krill is at the bottom of the food chain and so has no metals ingested during or prior to harvest.
  • Because krill is harvested from the Antarctic Ocean, the clean water means it is unlikely to have been tainted by pollution.
  • Krill also contains EPA and DHA which are essential fatty acids required by the body for brain and visual function, but do not occur naturally in the body and must be obtained through what we ingest. Krill oil capsules are a great source of this fatty acid.
  • Krill is easy to harvest sustainably, provided you are committed to doing so!


The importance of sustainability to Cleanmarine

Our goal is to sustainably but effectively provide the world’s population with the vitamins and nutrients they need to survive and thrive. As part of this commitment, we are keen to support the epidemic of omega 3 deficiency across 80% of the population - as can be seen in the vast array of products that we market to different buyer categories and age groups. In fact, some of the most popular products those marketed at women facing menopause, and young people during their early stages of development into adulthood - both of whom require a steady and consistent supply of omega 3 to maintain optimum health.

As part of this mission to deliver sustainable products to the market, we work with a fishery called Aker Biomarine, harvesting just 1% of the krill within their assigned and selected fishery, leaving 99% behind. This is in comparison to most other fisheries who will take up to 10% of the available fish at any one time.


How Cleanmarine products are sustainable

We have partnered with the world’s most ethical fishing company to harvest krill from the sustainable fisheries in the Antarctic Ocean. Clean, low in pollutants, and high in krill numbers, the krill that is eventually turned into our Cleanmarine products is delivered in 100% concentrated omega 3 krill oil formats - with every capsule containing 590mg of pure krill oil.

These high strength capsules means that every consumer needs to take just one a day to get the omega 3 they need, safe in the knowledge that the products have been sustainably sourced from the cleanest waters, and under the highest of regulations.

Aker Biomarine, who we partner with for the purpose of collecting and harvesting the krill, has received an ‘A’ grade rating for sustainable fishing practice - the only fishery in the world to have achieved this rating. On top of that, an MSC inspector is present for every catch to verify the practices, ensuring that our stock is only ever coming from verified and certified catches.


Browse the Cleanmarine category pages to learn more about how our range of sustainable supplements can support you on your journey towards optimal health. 

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