Gut Health : Get Your Greens
Wednesday, 19 April, 2023

Gut Health : Get Your Greens

There arent many areas of the body and its physical functions that cant be made a little better with more greens and a better, more balanced diet. But when it comes to gut health in particular, access to and the digestion of greens has a major role to play – supporting both your overall health and wellbeing, as well as more targeted areas of digestion, immune health, heart health, and more.

Gut health is not exactly an on trend” area of physical health. Nor is it something which we can specifically see, which makes it difficult to target and understand beyond our basic knowledge and need for good nutrition and a well balance diet.

But do you know the real impact and importance of getting enough greens in your diet?


The importance of greens in your diet

Good gut health relies on the right foods being digested and absorbed back into the body – with greens contributing towards not just the immune system but also energy levels, your mood, cell regeneration, and a healthy flow of oxygen into and through the bloodstream.

There are different benefits associated with virtually all of the different greens that you can eat, from the vitamin C found in kale to the folic acid boosting properties of broccoli. Of course, this means that for those who love experimenting, cooking with, and trying new vegetables, bridging all of these different benefits is pretty easy.

But for those who prefer an easier and more accessible route to gut health and overall wellbeing – not to mention a cheaper alternative to spending all your money in the supermarket, were proud to introduce One Nutritions Organic Power Greens Mix.


Organic Power Greens Mix

The Organic Power Greens mix contains a whole host of ingredients which support everything from energy to immunity – and its super easy to integrate into your daily routine. Made up as a smoothie or protein shake, added to your favourite ingredients or enjoyed as a standalone green juice mixed with water or milk, the Organic Power Greens mix boasts a potent blend of the following ingredients:

  • Spirulina - a plant-based supplement which contains a large dose of protein making it particularly beneficial for vegetarians and vegans who dont eat meat and other animal products for protein.
  • Wheatgrass - an excellent source of a number of vitamins and minerals which include vitamins A, C and E, iron, magnesium, calcium, and amino acids.
  • Barley grass - which is great for energy levels and releasing oxygen into the bloodstream.
  • Broccoli and kale - both are quality sources of vitamin C as well as fibre, folic acid, and iron.
  • Chlorella - somewhat of a powerhouse ingredient which boosts your natural levels of protein, iron, vitamin C, omega 3s, antioxidants and a mix of vitamins and minerals including calcium, B vitamins, zine, magnesium, and folic acid.

Feeling overwhelmed? The simple fact is that one dose of Organic Power Greens mix contains all of these individual elements and more – giving you access to greens and other natural ingredients which both support and nurture good gut health and wellbeing.

Find out more on the Organic Power Greens product page, or by trying it for yourself!

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