The Menopause Blog

Menopause, fatigue & low energy explained: Why does the menopause make you feel tired?

Poor sleep and fatigue can be the most disruptive of the many menopause symptoms. How does the menopause affect our beauty sleep? What can I do?

Your guide to menopause leg pain: cramps, swelling, aching, hotness & everything else

Some of the lesser-discussed physical symptoms of the menopause relate to our lower limbs. Here’s all you need to know about the transition and leg pain.

The menopause & vaginal atrophy: symptoms, causes & solutions

Here’s your lowdown on the postmenopause and vaginal atrophy. What is it, why do we experience it and what can we do to help the situation?

Did You Know That Some Exercise(s) can Slow Cellular Ageing?

Fine lines and wrinkles may be an indication that your body is starting to age on the outside and cellular ageing determines how quickly your body is aging on the inside. A recent study suggests that the type of exercise you are doing may influence the rate of cellular ageing. 

Top Tips To Cure Menopause Cravings

Changing hormone levels in the menopause could be sending your sugar cravings sky high. Food Scientist and Nutritional Therapist Susie Debice explains why, and provides 10 nutrition tips to help curb sugar cravings, helping to support better blood sugar balance for a smoother menopause.

Water Retention and the Menopause

Being hot and bothered is one thing, but are you are starting to experience puffiness? Feeling swollen and tender? The menopause may be impacting on your day-to-day fluid balance. Here's why, along with some advice for combatting it.