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What is oestrogen and how is it linked to the menopause?

One of the most common words that you are going to hear in connection with the menopause is ‘oestrogen’. Getting oestrogen savvy, understanding how this hormone works and changes during the different stages of womanhood could help you feel more at ease during the menopause. So here goes…

Vaginal atrophy, that’s one of the menopause’s little rewards!

It’s one thing dealing with hot flushes, mood swings and weight gain but it really doesn’t seem fair that once women make it through the menopause there are a whole heap of vaginal issues that become the next postmenopausal issue to be prepared for.

Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions to send menopausal symptoms packing!

Your menopause could last for years so if you were burying your head in the sand in 2019 then now is the time to face facts about your hormonal transition. The start of a new year brings the opportunity to wipe the slate clean, get clued up and put into action five easy nutrition and lifestyle menopause busting tips so that you can sail through 2020 without a flush in sight!

Does The Menopause Affect Friendships?

Have your friendships suddenly become a bit fraught or you’ve noticed it’s getting much harder to be around the people you care about the most? These are both tell-tale signs that your menopause could be affecting your relationships. Read on to discover how to avoid doing irreparable damage to your closest, oldest and most cherished friendships…

Your Libido and What to Expect in the Menopause…

Finding ways to come to terms with your changing body shape, maintaining flexibility and discovering how to be intimate as you both move into a more mature phase of life certainly needs to be discussed if you want to keep the sparks alight.

Digestive troubles and the menopause – are they linked?

When it comes to talking about the menopause, you’re likely to be familiar with the warnings of hot flushes, night sweats, fatigue and changes in your periods. However, not many women tend to share how the menopause affects their digestion.