What is Cellular Health? Here Comes the Science Bit…
Tuesday, 31 January, 2023

What is Cellular Health? Here Comes the Science Bit…

The science behind cellular health



In its most basic sense, cellular health refers to the bodys ability to function on a daily basis – considering its ability to repair itself, produce new body tissue, and more. In essence, cellular health is the foundation upon which your bodys efficiency and activity is built, with people now more attuned than ever before to the importance of nurturing and protecting this most basic of health needs.

But while its easy to recognise the importance of cellular health and how crucial it is that we make healthy changes for the benefit of our cells, knowing exactly what you can and should be doing is another thing entirely.

In this article, were bringing you not just a scientific look at cellular health, but a detailed look at the actions you can take to boost your cellular health every single day.


The importance of cellular health

Whenever your body does something, cellular health plays a part in how efficiently and effectively the body responds. If youre an athlete, the health of your cells is what impacts both performance and recovery; if you pick up a virus, its the health of your cells which dictates how long it takes for your immune system to kick in; when you experience a cut of a bruise, the health of your cells plays a part in how quickly the body repairs and produces new tissue.

It's safe to say that cellular health is critical. So, when we say it can be boosted by something as simple as nutrition, you might be wondering what the big deal is. After all, if all it takes is eating healthy, cellular health should be easy to achieve – right?

Well, it all comes down to what you eat – and crucially, whether you are eating enough of the nutrients that the cells need specifically. Which is where Omega 3 comes in.


Are you eating the right foods for cellular health?

Omega 3 is one of the main things you need to be consuming if you want to optimise cellular health, and in order to do that you need to tick a couple of boxes: foods which contain ALA and foods which contain antioxidants.


What is ALA?

An important nutrient which contributes towards the production of Omega 3 fats, ALA is not made naturally in the body and so needs to be consumed via foods like vegetable oil, leafy green vegetables, and some nuts including hazelnuts and walnuts.

As one of the best sources of Omega 3 for a plant-based diet, the consumer attitude to ALA is on the rise in light of the increase in Vegan and Vegetarian diets which are now more readily available on the market – with the use of oily fish as a source of Omega 3 now often overlooked in favour of these plant-based alternatives.

So, how do you get more ALA?


How to boost your ALA levels – and subsequently your body’s access to Omega 3

Omega 3 can come from a number of sources – namely oily fish, avocado, some other leafy greens, and of course a range of supplements. To boost your access to ALA, however, we recommend exploring Udos Choice Ultimate Oil blend – a vegan product which offers a potent balance of all the good fats your body needs in order to promote cellular health.

Udos Choice Ultimate Oil blend offers a convenient and accessible way of adding important  nutrients to your daily life and routine – with the oil blend a versatile and flexible product that can be taken directly or added to all manner of dishes and products.

Explore the various ways of adding the Ultimate Choice oil blend to your day, and read more about the Udos Choice range and how it helps to promote cellular health and wellbeing, on our website and the Udos Choice blog.

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