Happy Inside Out!
Wednesday, 19 April, 2023

Happy Inside Out!

Gut health plays a part in both physical and mental wellbeing – with the relationship between the gut and the rest of the body something that both scientists and health brands have been interested in for a number of years.

In this blog post, were considering the importance of gut health in nurturing your body both inside and out – covering mental health, immunity, heart health, and exterior factors such as skin and hair.


Mental Health

One of the most interesting studies in the medical field of late has been the relationship between the gut and the brain, with scientists believing that the two may indeed be linked – highlighting a connection between the microbiotics in the gut and the brain.

For example, it is believed that the bacteria which lives in the gut has a direct impact on depression, and that as the gut is responsible for producing the highest levels of serotonin in the body, it plays a major role in the communication between the brain and nervous system.

What this tells us is that not only is gut health intrinsically linked with mood as a symptom, but it could also be impacting and influencing chemical levels in the body which lead to more extreme reactions in terms of depression, anxiety, and more.



Did you know that between 70 and 80% of your immune cells live in the gut? What this means is that the two are inextricably linked, with the gut needing to provide an environment which is conducive to the immune systems job at protecting the body from viruses, and an effective barrier which keeps harmful bacteria out.


Heart Health

The microbiotics which live in the gut are often referred to as an organ of their own, due to the role that they play in protecting the body from all sorts of threats. One such threat is the development of a disease called atherosclerosis which hardens the arteries and can cause heart attacks and other issues – as well as the long-recognised impact that eating lots of saturated fat has on the heart.

Because so much of our internal health is impacted by what we eat and the nutrients that our body absorbs, it follows that gut health plays a major role in the inner workings of the body. But with so much going on inside, what part does gut health play on the outside?


How does gut health impact hair, skin, and nails?

Hair, skin, and nails are all impacted by the efficiency of the gut in absorbing the nutrients required to maintain strong nails and smooth skin. We are often told by aesthetic professionals that in order to have shiny hair and good skin, we need to re-evaluate our diet – and while its easy to blame what were eating, its also important to recognise the role that the gut plays in absorbing the right nutrients from that diet.


Take control of your gut health

So, what can you do to take back control of your gut health and steer your body towards better health inside and out?

Thats where Udos Choice supplements come in. Designed to support gut health via a range of different products targeted to different users of different ages and specific needs, these products are centred on the role of gut health.Each of the following products play a part in laying solid foundations for health.


Beyond Greens

Encouraging consumers to ingest more greens, this Udos Choice product contains naturally occurring vitamin B12 and iodine which supports the immune system and a healthy bowel.


Digestive Enzyme Blend

A blend of plant-based enzymes which are designed to mimic those found inside the digestive system, this supplement is designed to assist the body in breaking food down into its core groups and separating valuable nutrients for optimum absorption.



Udo’s Choice offer a range of microbiotics, developed for people of all different ages and with different health requirements. These microbiotics are designed to support the immune system at all stages.

Udos Choice is a brand for the whole family, with products which are designed for optimum health and wellbeing. Find out more on our website and by browsing our full product list.

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