Hot Topic: Building Your Defences
Sunday, 26 March, 2023

Hot Topic: Building Your Defences

An insight into immunity

Winter is a time when cold and flu viruses are often at their most potent – affecting individuals from all walks of life regardless of their health status and fitness level. And while for many, coming down with a cold means a few days in bed and more than a few warming cups of hot Ribena or honey and lemon, for others it sparks a desire to improve their bodys natural defences from the inside out.

The simple fact is that when you look after your immunity, not only is your body better able to ward off unwanted cold and flu viruses, but you may also find that the symptoms of such viruses are downplayed or at least minimised. With that said, how do you look after and boost your own immunity?

Lets take a closer look.


The importance of immunity

The immune system is made up of a complex network of processes which all band together to ward off unwanted bacteria and viruses, and protect your body from potential debilitating or long term harm caused by such bacteria.

To understand the importance of immunity and optimising your bodys natural immune system, you need only consider what happens to those with low immunity – namely the fact that they are more susceptible to illness and disease, and that the effects of such diseases can be far more serious.

Which is why, when it comes to nutrition, diet, and building your natural defences via a healthy and active lifestyle, immunity is often cited as one of the major benefits.


How to boost your own immunity

One of the best ways to boost your immunity and enhance the effectiveness of your immune system is with the right diet – including lots of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients required to optimise cellular health and ensure that every area of your body is operating to maximum efficiency.

Fruit and vegetables with high nutritional qualities are often heralded as among the best go-to dietary choices for a strong immune system, with proteins and grains in balanced quantities all contributing towards enhanced health from the inside out. Vitamin C is up there as one of the most important nutrients, given its direct link to increased white blood cells which help fight infections – with vitamin C found in leafy greens, citrus fruits, and more specifically red peppers.

Aside from nutrition, lifestyle is another important factor to consider when looking to boost your immunity, with sufficient sleep and plenty of activity and exercise both integral to reduce stress hormones (which damage the immune system) and promoting endorphins (which help it). Not to mention, much of your bodys natural healing happens when you are asleep, which is why rest is so highly recommended when you are ill or injured.

Of course, all of these changes sound relatively simple and easy to make – however, factoring them into a busy lifestyle can soon become difficult when balanced with other demands and the pull of your daily routine. Which is where Udos Choice Super 8 Immune comes in.


Introducing Super 8 Immune

An effective blend of micro-biotics and vitamins, designed to not only support the function of the immune system but also enhance it, Super 8 Immune is delivered in a convenient capsule which can be swallowed directly or opened and sprinkled over a meal or snack.

Super 8 Immune is just one of a series of products produced by Udos Choice, which aims to make optimal health accessible to everyone.

Browse our website to explore the full range of products available and be sure to visit our blog for more useful articles and insights related to health and wellness.

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