Love the Skin You’re in!
Tuesday, 31 January, 2023

Love the Skin You’re in!

The beauty market is saturated with products which promise perfect, pore-free, smooth skin. The problem is that many of these products seek to cover up imperfections rather than tackle them from the source, with their products designed to conceal bad skin rather than nurture a love for your most natural asset.

Here at Udos Choice, we believe wholeheartedly in investing time and energy in perfecting your natural assets from the inside out, with Udos Choice Ultimate Oil one of our most popular all-rounders which delivers nutrients that your skin needs to present its best self – without covering up and hiding the imperfections.

Heres how it works...


What is Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil?

A balanced blend of Omega 3, 6, and 9, Udos Choice Ultimate Oil is an accessible and versatile solution to the rising problem of consumers not ingesting enough Omegas to promote cellular health. When your cells are healthy, they provide the foundation for better body functions, natural repair, optimised recovery, and excellent skin health – however, the rise in vegan and vegetarian diets as well as the rising cost of living has meant that specific products like oily fish are becoming a less popular part of the regular consumer diet.

The Udos Choice Ultimate Oil blend offers an alternative to the most natural sources of these Omega nutrients, ensuring the right balance is ingested with the correct ratios – all contained in a daily dose which can be taken directly or added to a meal as preferred.


The most important components of Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil

Healthy Fats

When your skin doesnt have access to healthy fats, it succumbs to ageing – with saggy, lifeless skin one of the first side effects of a lack of healthy fats in your diet. Flaxseed, avocado, oily fish, vegetable oil, and certain nuts are all natural sources of these healthy fats, or you can add a spoon of Udos Choice oil to your morning breakfast smoothie.


Nutrients such as Vitamin E works with the healthy fats in your body to produce collagen, which is one of the bodys natural defences against ageing and helps to inject life into the skin. Similarly, Vitamins C and B support the skin and reduce skin inflammation, while optimising the bodys access to any fatty acids it ingests.

Fatty Acids

There are two fatty acids that your body needs in the search for perfect skin: GLA (Gamma linolenic acid) and LA (Linoleic acid). GLA boasts moisture-enhancing properties which combat dry skin and boost elasticity, while LA nourishes the skin and protects your bodys reserves of GLA thus contributing towards the effectiveness of GLA as both a hydrating component and a barrier for the skin.

Crucially, these fatty acids are not made directly in or by the body and so much be consumed from external sources if you want to maximise your bodys access to them. This is where high quality supplements come in, with Udos Choice Ultimate Oil being a well-balanced source of these fatty acids.


Is Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil right for you?

With a balanced blend of all the aforementioned nutrients and components your body needs to promote and nurture healthy skin, it follows that Udos Choice is both convenient and accessible – with the versatile structure of the oil allowing it to be used in a plethora of ways depending on your preference as a consumer.

From a spoonful of oil every morning, to an added boost in your lunchtime soup or evening cocoa, Udos Choice Ultimate Oil couldn’t be easier to add to your existing routine.

Learn more about Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil by visiting our product pages or head over to our blog for more useful health and wellness insights.

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