Propolis - A Powerful Natural Protector
Sunday, 02 May, 2021

Propolis - A Powerful Natural Protector

Propolis is one of nature’s most powerful compounds. It is a fantastically singular combination of plant bioactives and bee ingenuity. Propolis is made by bees from plant resins. The bees use the compound to protect and sterilise their hives. The unique natural compound acts as the immune defence mechanism for the entire hive.

For centuries, Propolis has been used as a traditional health product. Today modern scientific research shows that the protective properties of Propolis can provide substantial support for the human immune system too. 

Propolis Bioactives

The protective antioxidant and immune defence properties of Propolis originate from the bioactive plant compounds it contains. New Zealand Propolis, in particular, is renowned for its high levels of these valuable protective bioactives. The compound continues to be the subject of intense research in the field of immune and cellular health.

At Manuka Health we use sophisticated propolis science to show the power and effectiveness of our propolis. 

"For centuries, Propolis has been a reliable natural compound used to support the immune system."

Why New Zealand Propolis? 

The importance of origin cannot be underestimated. Not all propolis is equal - the quality and potency of propolis depends on the individual plant and the country in which it is grown. 

The unique environment and climate found in New Zealand produces amazing natural life. In New Zealand you can find plant-life full of bioactive compounds that help protect and enhance the plant's survival. These vital bioactives, found in New Zealand Propolis, have a variety of distinctive and protective health benefits.  

How can Propolis help you?

Research has shown that high quality Propolis provides a wide range of health and wellbeing benefits:

  • Immune support - Propolis provides tremendous support for immune defences. It also helps in the development of balanced immune functions. In addition, Propolis is a fantastic winter supplement during the cold months that will help to encourage immune resistance and recovery from common winter ailments.
  • Antioxidant protection - Propolis supplies proven antioxidant activity for cellular protection and health. Antioxidant support is vitally important for liver health and healthy aging. Antioxidant protection is also important for athletes looking to improve and maximise performance and recovery. 
  • General Wellbeing - The substantial immune and antioxidant benefits of Propolis will help to support  the general health and wellbeing of the body. 

Propolis Research

Throughout history, Propolis has been used to improve health and wellbeing around the world. In Ancient Egypt, Propolis was used as an embalming agent, and in Greece it was used to treat sores, coughs, ulcers and oral infections.

In more recent times, modern scientific research has revealed that the protective properties of Propolis can provide powerful support for human health.

Recent studies have shown that high quality Propolis provides a range of health and wellbeing support, and has potential therapeutic use in the areas of:

Immune health | Bone and joint care | Antioxidant protection including for age-related conditions | Respiratory health | Oral health | Gastrointestinal health |Blood sugar management | Wound healing and skin health 

Manuka Health BIO Quality & Testing

With the help of leading scientists in New Zealand and overseas, Manuka Health pioneered the process of extracting and measuring specific beneficial bioactive compounds found in New Zealand Propolis.

Manuka Health helped to raise standards by: 

  • Being specific rather than general. Rather than using a general flavonoid test which includes non-bioactive compounds, and misses out very active compounds that are not flavonoids, Manuka Health identified the precise compounds that are active in the body (‘bioactive’). 
  • Meticulously testing each and every batch for these bioactives (specific caffeates and flavonoids including CAPE)
  • Certifying the quantity of bioactives in the product to guarantee efficacy and strength in every dose

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