How To Support The Growth And Development Of Children As They Start School
Sunday, 27 September, 2020

How To Support The Growth And Development Of Children As They Start School

Being a parent is a difficult task. There are numerous challenges and significant events to navigate, and every parent just wants to do the very best for their little ones. Raising children is all about setting them up for their life ahead and instilling healthy habits and good behaviours.

Now that children have gone back to school, routine and habits are more important than ever. Reception children are just taking their first steps in their school career, and now is the perfect time to help support their growth and development for school life ahead.

Transitioning from staying at home with family, or spending time at nursery, is a big step. It's important to make this transition as easy and fun as possible, whilst also instilling good, healthy habits into your little ones. To help support your child’s transition into school, here are some top tips and expert advice;

Go Straight Home

When the children come out of school around 3 pm, it can be tempting to add some chores onto the school run or take them for a fun trip to the park. However, your little ones are going to have had a full day at school, and it is natural for them to be very tired when you pick them up.

Not only have they spent the last few hours running around with friends, but their minds have been in overload learning new skills and meeting new people. Don’t ask too much of your children by making plans straight after school. Head straight home and give them some time to chill out and recharge after a busy school day.

You might want to ask them hundreds of questions about their day, what they had for lunch and what they learnt. Most kids won’t remember every aspect of their day straight away, so try to relax and let them tell you all the details in their own time.

Keep A Solid Bedtime Routine

Sleep is critical for children’s physical and mental development, and a solid bedtime routine can help your little ones get the most from their sleep. Most children around reception age need between 11 and 13 hours of sleep every night. By keeping to a set routine every evening, your children will be able to develop a healthy sleeping pattern.

We recommend reducing screen time in the evenings, having a bath, and reading a bedtime story to create a calming routine. It’s also important to bear in mind that starting school can be scary and worrying for your children, and this can impact sleep. Encourage your child to talk about any concerns they have and teach them calming techniques to help ease worries. This could be easy yoga and meditation, or simply breathing deeply.

Prepare The Night Before

Mornings can be stressful, especially when trying to get young children ready for school and getting to work yourself. Avoid morning meltdowns and ensure your day starts off smoothly by preparing everything the night before.

Get uniforms ready to go, and remember every item, including socks and shoes. This will avoid the last-minute rush in the morning to find the school jumper. Set a designated space in your home for the school uniform to go in the evening; that way, when the morning comes around, your child will know exactly where it is.

If you need to send your children off with packed lunches, then make sure these are prepared and ready to grab on the way out the door.

Walk To School

It can be very tempting to bundle your children into the car and drive them around the corner to save time. However, there are many benefits of getting into the habit of walking to school, if it is close enough.

A morning walk on the way to school will help little ones burn off a bit of energy and prepare their minds for the day of learning ahead. Regular walks could reduce stress and improve alertness, as well as the obvious physical benefits.

Focus On Nutrition

Making sure children get all the nutrients and vitamins that they need is so important in helping them develop and grow. Cleanmarine for Kids is great to incorporate into their day, as it supports concentration and ensures they are getting enough Omega 3. Udo’s Microbiotics helps to boost little immune systems, which is more important than ever when they are starting a new school and mixing with new families.

We also recommend a spoonful of Manuka Honey a day to help combat little sniffles and colds, keeping them in the classroom for longer.


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