Beauty From the Inside Out
Monday, 30 January, 2023

Beauty From the Inside Out

A look at the association between cellular health and beauty



It has long been preached by beauty and wellbeing professionals that we are what we eat – with everything from our body shape and tone to our skin, complexion, and hair being impacted by the food we eat and the vitamins and nutrients we ingest on a regular basis.

Most people will have experienced the fallout of a few days of heavy drinking, lack of hydration, or poor dietary choices – with the skin one of the earliest responders to a poor diet and lack of healthy nutrition. And while it can be relatively quick and easy to reverse these blowouts and unhealthy binges, real and long term change takes a little longer to be achieved.

In this article, were looking directly at how your beauty regime is linked with your attitude to cellular health, and how consistency is key in establishing the kind of positive change that will shine through every time you look in the mirror.


How beauty is impacted by cellular health

Cellular health is considered the foundation of everything your body is and does. It contributes towards your physical health and performance during sport and activity, it directly impacts your bodys ability to recover and repair itself efficiently, and it plays a big part in how your body nurtures beauty from the inside out.

One of the most important nutrients when it comes to cellular health is Omega 3, specifically the fatty acids known as DHA and EPA.


The beauty benefits of Krill Oil

Krill Oil is a popular go-to for optimising the bodys levels of Omega 3 fatty acids. And while it is associated with health benefits related to the heart, joints and cholesterol - it also has several skincare benefits.

Krill Oil contains a powerful nutrient called Astaxanthin which helps the skin to retain moisture, enhancing the natural hydration and moisture levels within the skin and giving consumers that plump, youthful affect that so many seek at the bottom of a bottle of moisturiser. This optimised moisturisation and hydration works in harmony with an SPF, preventing sun damage by keeping the skin both protected at a surface level and well nurtured and soothed deep below the surface.

Similarly, Krill Oil is rich in antioxidants which boost the natural production of collagen, again giving that plump look which helps to slow down the ageing process and restore the kind of energy which counteracts wrinkles and sagging skin.

And its not just the skin which benefits from Krill Oil. The moisturising and hydrating properties of Krill Oil extend to the hair and scalp as well, strengthening the hairs follicles, boosting regrowth, and making hair shiny which fighting off a dry scalp.

Not to mention, when you focus on the kinds of foods and products which boost your bodys access to Krill Oil and Omega 3, you renew your focus and commitment to healthy eating – thus extending the benefits of your nutritional lifestyle to the rest of your body.


How to boost your intake of Krill Oil

The most obvious source of Krill Oil is via the consumption of oily fish, however a high quality supplement can also provide an excellent source of Krill Oil.

Cleanmarines selection of Krill Oil and Omega 3 supplements provide a convenient and effective way of consuming Krill Oil, without the need to rely on eating oily fish - which many people are not too keen on.

Try Cleanmarine Krill or Cleanmarine for Women for yourself, and see how the balance of nutrients can serve your skin, hair, and overall health and wellbeing.

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